Top 4 of NXT 7/4/12

There was very little in character development this week, however the matches raised in quality. The top 4 matches were amazing and sadly it meant someone had to be left off, which meant Mike Dalton and Kassius Ohno didn’t make the list. Dalton is an incredible wrestler, but he once again was only used to make someone else look good this week. If I could add him to the list…

5. Mike Dalton’s Pants

Yeah, baby.

4. Corey Graves and Jake Carter vs. CJ Parker and Nick Rogers

I haven’t seen Rogers in awhile, but it’s good to see him again. He and Parker get a better showing than the clear losers did from the previous two weeks, which I think helped make Graves and Carter look even better in this match. Graves and Carter play the part of men who will steal your girlfriend, and while their looks differ, there are women out there who will at least lust for one of them, and it works. In the ring these men will dominate and prove their techniques in this match. They use a tag team finish we’ve all seen before but they do it well enough that you can’t complain.

3. Seth Rollins vs. Camacho

Despite the fact that the commentators made this sound like a Hunico match when he accompanied Camacho to the ring, this was all Camacho’s. This was one of the better Rollins or Camacho matches I had seen so far. Rollins wins only for Hunico to rush in and start beating him up and then Bo Dallas runs in and scares Hunico and Camacho off. (Really?)

2. Derrick Bateman vs. Jinder Mahal

Despite a lot of hate for Mahal, he and Bateman put on a great show in the short amount of time they have to do so. Bateman takes Mahal down at one point that if it had been a little to Mahal’s left he might have been a bit injured. Instead it looked like Bateman pulled something. Pulled it enough he lost this match up, which made me whine for five minutes, but it doesn’t take away from the entertainment that he gives while in the ring. Why Mahal had to go after him again with a Camel Clutch when the bell had already rung, though, grrr….

1. Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins, and Bo Dallas vs. Michael McGillicutty, Hunico, and Camacho

I thought Derrick had this one in the bag for being #1 and then this match happened. Kidd and Hunico do something in the ring I can’t remember ever seeing before and it’s worth watching just for that pair off alone, but everyone gets a chance to show off their skills and Dallas doesn’t do a spear which earns him extra points. The star of this match, despite the Kidd/Hunico thing, is McGillicutty. He proves he’s not just all about the “ground and pound” and dominates to pin Kidd. More matches like this on NXT, less squash, get some character development, and the show could take off.


2 thoughts on “Top 4 of NXT 7/4/12

  1. Good listing. I’ll never again be able to (ignorantly) claim that Camacho isn’t any good, because he definitely looked solid during that match. Just thought I’d drop in that admission.

    I agree with everything else you said. Kidd and Hunico are top four in-ring guys for the ENTIRE WWE, so everything they touch is instantly raised. Together, they’re magic. McGillicutty is also very good. The three of them really made the FCW Golden Boys (Rollins and Bo) look like amateurs who are going to take years of work if they ever want to sniff at such a skill level.

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