Yeah, just hopping right into this one!

4. Primo vs. Titus O’Neil

That hurt to type. My fingers begged me not to type. The voices screamed, “But Kofi is better than O’Neil, go with Kofi!” And I could not. Because for some asinine reason instead of using one of the man men they have that does not get used, ever, they put Kofi Kingston up against Rob Cabildo. Who? You got me! That means, on principle, I had to go with Primo and Titus, despite the fact that without the guidance of the NXT writers and, you know, any coaching at all really, Titus is back to being completely awful! And then AW, don’t get me started on his having a microphone so I get to listen him telling Titus about getting wood on him when I would rather be listening to Mathews (yeah, I said it). Number 4 this week is almost arbitrary. Kofi and Rob put on a better match, but how dare they use someone else when others are fighting for a spot on television? ARGH! At least there was Primo. At least.

3. Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger

We’ve seen this match up recently, and frankly the other match was. This wasn’t bad, it was a solid match, but considering I’m comparing it to the last one it falls short. Ryder’s still at his plateau, Swagger is aching to do more, and it makes a good match. Apparently Ryder’s charisma beat out Swagger’s mat technique, though (Striker…) as Ryder won the match with a Rough Ryder.

2. Antonio Cesaro vs. Alex Riley

Yup, this was the best match of all four. Riley wants it. Riley’s come around. Stop putting him in dark matches and give the crowd what they keep screaming for, and oh do they keep screaming when Riley comes out. Cesaro, while I don’t think he can cut a promo, was just about wrestling in this episode and that was perfect. Cesaro and Riley were a great match up and it’s something I haven’t seen before, so good for them!

1. Scott Stanford

Come on, do I have to keep telling you why every week? Besides the fact that he’s not Mathews or Striker, and Striker when he’s not trying is almost as incoherent as JR was on this week’s episode of NXT. So, instead of telling you, again, how incredible the man is, how he calls the match and tells the stories, and that he pays attention to what is going on, enthusiastic, and…

Oh, here are his top lines of the week:

“Oh that Bob Barker, always one of my favorites.”

“Now back here on #Superstars, the action already fast and furious.”

“This guy only knows one speed. Full speed ahead for Alex Riley.”

“And you get the extra bonus of Aksana bouncing around.”

“Both guys just itching for a win.”

“That’s his Lil’ Jimmy, you can’t take that away from him.”

“Swagger lands on the kiester.”