Debris #1 Advanced Review.

From Image Comics, Kurtis Wiebe, Riley Rossmo.

Debris is the story of a horrible future for us all, and it is unlike any you have ever seen before.  Many stories have taken place in a post apocalyptic world, or a wasteland, or the time known only as “after”.  Debris takes that idea into brilliant new ways.

Kurtis Wiebe has the kind of creativity that causes readers to cry out in jealousy.  His ideas fall into twists on familiar themes, the “why didn’t I think of that?” feeling or that concept no one else would have ever conceived – “I would have never thought of that!”  These two halves create some of the most original pitches in all of comic books.  That’s why we’re reading another title from Wiebe and he is not reading any of us.

Debris takes place in a world about to fall.  Humanity is in danger of extinction.  There are only two options in this new world.  Work or die.  There are workers, warriors and all the way down to human mill stones.

In a world where every day of survival is a gift, apparently things just aren’t tough enough.  Old enemies take a new form.  “Ancient spirits” called the Colossals  create bodies from what remains of the previous world.  You know, I have to flat out tell you, its dinosaurs (and other animals) made out of machines and tech!

These Colossals are some of the greatest creations ever seen on a printed page.  Eye grabbing from every angle.  New yet familiar.  The readers, and the humans in the book are both awe struck and scared to death at the same time by these stunning creatures.  Riley Rossmo has taken Kurtis’s words and designed the most original monsters since the beginning of Marvel Comics.

This world cries out for a hero and her name is Maya.  In one issue we are gifted with a new female icon in comics.  Stronger, faster, smarter than any of her “peers” – if anyone could truly be called an equal.  She is the strongest hero in this world given the seemingly simplest of tasks.  Find water.

Every page, every new bit of information in this first issue promises this to be one of the grandest tales ever told.  If I had to quick sell someone on it I would say its the craziest 1980s cartoon idea ever with two huge differences: its well written, and the woman will not be secondary to anyone.

Debris #1 comes out July 25th. That is also the day your funny book reading mind will forever be changed.



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