Aspen Comics will be releasing the latest issue of Broken Pieces tomorrow!  Grab your copy at your local good comic book store, comiXology or if you are one of the lucky ones at San Diego Comic Con, I’m sure they’ll have one on hand for you to buy.

Heck, buy two because there are two great covers for you.  I would say “for you to choose from” but how can anyone choose only one.  Aspen Comics covers are like potato chips.

Lets see what the fine folks at Aspen Comics have to say about their latest release.

Mark Roslan – Writer / Cory Smith – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors

What is lost in life is found in…death!

Aspen Comic’s newest original series, BROKEN PIECES, continues!

The broken pieces of Dr. Richard Adam’s present begin to come together, revealing the tragic reality of his impending future! Meanwhile, Adams begins to discover the disastrous and horrific conditions of the world and people outside the boundaries of Trinion’s control, as his wife Gabriella must make a reluctant decision to continue working on her research for Ludas, and the nefarious corporation. Plus, the arrival of Trinion’s Elite Soldier force complicates matters even more—as collateral damage and bloodshed follows their destructive mission objective!

Written and created by Aspen’s own Mark Roslan and featuring stunning artwork by newcomer Cory Smith and colorist Beth Sotelo, BROKEN PIECES will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

BROKEN PIECES #3 is in stores July 11, 2012!


If that isn’t enough, check out these exclusive pages of preview art and set aside some hard earned money for this title.