From Aspen Comics, Mark Roslan, Cory Smith, Beth Sotelo, Josh Reed.

For those of you just starting Broken Pieces, let me catch you up to speed.  Broken Pieces is a modern (or futuristic I suppose) take on the original Frankenstein novel, with a twist.  It is unlike 99% of all other Frankenstein adaptations and inspirations that have come from that original novel.  It is unlike all but 1% of those because it is good.

Richard is a scientist who is trying to make the world a better place and ignores everything else in his quest.  Not horribly so, he still loves his wife and treats her well.  But there are no kids, no family trips or photos or any of that usual stuff.   All of that time was spent in the lab.  Naming an obsessive genius scientist in a comic book “Richard” (S?) is no accident.

With death only moments ahead, Richard makes a great sacrifice to extend his life just long enough to attain his life’s work.  He puts his mind into the body of the “monster”.  Much more danger and drama comes about from this decision.

It is impossible to not be drawn in by Broken Pieces.  Richard is both tragic and heroic.  He is strong and powerful and anytime that an obstacle is in his path it will be destroyed.  However he is also quite literally falling apart.  Through the flashbacks we see the man he once was and he is everything all of us wish to be too.  Smart, wealthy and dashing.  He is a man with a huge heart, one that is very much visible to everyone now.

That heart breaks anytime Sophie is around.  While Richard is seeing her as the daughter he never had – a daughter that needs to be protected at all costs.  Sophie sees him as that big protector.  More than a father.  The protector/guardian role.  Much like Frankenstein’s monster, Big Daddy, hell even Batman.  Richard will protect those who cannot protect themselves.  So far its just Sophie.  But it appears that Ludas and the many Trinions will force Richard into a larger role.

Broken Pieces is a perfect book for any fan of tales of love and triumph.