From Image Comics, Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, Axel Medellin, Jim Campbell, Sean Dove, Tim Seeley, Chris Beckett, Greg & Fake, and Emilio Laiso.

Those of us here are Team Hellions, it’s safe to say, were not thrilled with issue #0 of Hoax Hunters. The biggest problem it suffered from was that it dropped you into this world and gave you little, to no explanation. So much so, that at one point, not knowing one of the character’s names, we subjected to calling him “Black James Bond.” From the intro, it’s a bit misleading. You’re thinking, so stuff exists, but it really doesn’t…what the hell is going on here!

Flash forward to issue #1; I had no plans on giving up at issue #0. This is a comic that is right up my alley, appealing to my interests in the paranormal and cryptozoology, it’s a no brainer. Wow, what a transformation. This feels like a very different comic, one with a driving purpose and one with a  unique and interesting story to tell.

As the story opens, the Hoax Hunters team responds to a call they received from Louisiana. The call, a simple phrase; “everything is dead.” In responding, we find Jack (“Black James Bond”) taking it personally, having connections to his father. His motivations in this “field” are similar to Agent Mulder from the X-Files, trying to find the truth. With mention of a mysterious carnival and conversing with interesting beings, Hoax Hunters offers up a ton of promise with this first issue. At the end, there is large room for growth, and it’s already beginning to establish its mythology.

What I like most about this comic is that it picks up the tradition of Men in Black and does it’s own thing with it. Granted, we haven’t encountered “aliens” specifically, but this world IS largely alien, full of magic realism. It’s tools, instead of a neurolizer is misinformation; an old and ancient tool, that is genius in it’s design and has lasted for hundreds of years. All of that is flushed out here, and towards the end of the issue, you get the sense of what’s on the line, especially when it comes to seeing what this destructive force’s power is over the wildlife. It brought out memories of watching the Jetson’s Movie when I was a kid and how destructive forces of nature, whether human or not, can be.

I can’t wait for the next issue to come out, and I see this becoming a regular monthly title for me. With great art, better story writing, and a killer concept, Hoax Hunters has the ability to dazzle, to fill the void sorely missing in comics when it comes to paranormal subjects steeped in reality and truth, no matter how far they are taken out of the comfort zone. All in all, this is a title you should pick up.