Thwip! Today’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed! 7/18/12.

Oh its so very late this week.  Crazy work shift has led to a lack of posts on new comic book day.  We’ll get right into this.  The covers come from our friends at Zeus Comics and we think they are the one of the coolest comic book stores on the planet.  Check out the site and enjoy great customer service.

Lets get this comic party started!

Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #2

Are there still people who are against Before Watchmen?  If there are there is one thing you cant argue, covers like this are gorgeous.

Captain Marvel #1

I’m calling it now.  This cover will become iconic.  All it will take is one college student at the right protest and BAM!  A rallying cry.

Cobra #15

I know its a white suit, but damn if we all didn’t know immediately that that is one of the twins.  And to have him mirrored with Flint, who is not a twin, is very messed up and really makes the reader question what twists and turns lay inside for the Joes.

Fables #119

This teddy bear is really fucking me up.

Mars Attacks #2

The Martians love pop music.  They are ready to set the world on fire!

Wonder Woman #11

What would it look like if Wonder Woman was a Vertigo book?  Oh like this?  Awesome.  I’ll take two.



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