WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 7/20/12.

Spoiler warning!

Rey Mysterio came out and cut a promo.  Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come out to respond to him.  Then Dolph Ziggler.  Finally Sheamus.  Words words words.  Everyone wants to be champion.  A brief confrontation and everyone leaves.  Probably a tag team match later.

The Prime Time Players (with AW) team with Hunico and Camacho and they beat Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Epico and Primo.  Darren Young pins one of the Colons.

Big Show comes out and beats up everyone.  He actually says he is there to destroy the tag team division.  So, we’re doing that again.

Raw 1000 clip has Jeremy Piven hyping SummerFest.

Damien Sandow beats Zack Ryder.

Christian hosts a Peep Show.  The guests are Daniel Bryan and AJ.  They show their wedding planning.   Christian questions the wedding.  AJ slaps him.  Christian brings out AJ’s crazy ex — Kane.

Kane beats Daniel Bryan by DQ.  AJ attempted to help Bryan but the referee caught it.  AJ almost kisses Kane, then changes her mind, then AJ and Bryan make out while Kane watches.

Road Warrior Animal comes out to pin Heath Slater.

Vickie Guerrero and Ricardo Rodriguez get into it backstage.

Sheamus and Rey Mysterio beat Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler… by DQ?!  Again?! In the same night?!

Ricardo interfered, which earned the DQ.  Post match fight, Dolph teases cashing in but doesn’t.


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