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2CW’s last show at the Pastime Athletic Club in Syracuse, New York?

Flashback to April 8, 2006 when 2CW held it’s first Living on the Edge at the Pastime Athletic Club in Syracuse, NY. In front of 300 fans 2CW was born. (See Video Here:

Now, six years later 2CW returns to the Pastime Athletic Club one more time on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 with its biggest name yet former WWE Superstar John Morrison. A lot has happened over the last six years, far too much to discuss here. But the Pastime Athletic Club in Syracuse is where 2CW was born and is home to 2CW. Many memories were made here. More memories will be made on August 3rd. Currently, the Pastime Athletic Club is up for sale, and is looking to move to a new location. With that said Friday, August 3rd could very well be 2CW’s last time at the Pastime Athletic Club, 1314 North Salina Street in Syracuse, New York. Please join us in celebrating 2CW’s legacy at the Pastime Athletic Club on this very special night on August 3rd, 2012.

Highlights over the years of 2CW at the Pastime AC:

John Morrison August 3rd TV AD:

John Morrison Interview for 2CW:

Terry Funk Promo:

Terry Funk wins the 2CW Belt:

Motor City Machine Guns V. American Wolves (Full) :

Show #50 (Highlights):

Sandman fell asleep:

We crowned our first Champion:

Up In Smoke VS. Necro Butcher/Brodie Lee:

The Post Standard Video:

Table wouldn’t Break (Spike Dudley Interview):

AJ Styles VS. Loca Vida
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Living on the Edge 1 Highlights:

Spike – Abyss Clip :
Tables wouldn’t break:

Dave Hebner Shows Up:

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