Wrestling Is invites you to Supper with the Hatfields!

Wrestling Is Global

Huge Worldwide Audience!
Wrestling Is launched just 2 weeks ago, but we’ve already been watched over a quarter-million times across YouTube, Vimeo, blip.tv and now in iTunes as well! Our totally free video channel is a big hit not just in English-speaking countries, but in the Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Estonia and Bulgaria as well!  Wrestling Is so much more than people expect, and we’re showing them the diversity inherent in this uniquely American artform with each new release!

“Supper” Premieres!

New Dasher Hatfield Show! 
The third of our four original series premieres today, as we unveil “Supper with the Hatfields” – starring professional wrestler Dasher Hatfield and his family of two-sport athletes! In this pilot episode, the meal is crashed by Dasher’s step-cousin-in-law, “Mr. Touchdown!”

A new installment of this series will bow on our network the 3rd Friday of every month!


Every single week Wrestling Is brings you new, original content from the world of pro-wrestling! We’re delivering it free to you via YouTube, Vimeo as well as blip.tv – and now you can subscribe to the Wrestling Is master feed in iTunes and enjoy all of our new series on your iOS device!

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Wrestling Is
New Free Program Every Friday!
Supper with the Hatfields
starring Dasher Hatfield
3rd Friday of Every Month!

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