The League of Extraordinary Bloggers XXII: Blank Check.

Yay its another assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!  Run by Brian over at Cool and Collected…

…yeah that site above.  Every week we are given a post topic and if we choose to accept that mission we then write about it and then we all read each other’s answers.  I usually accept my missions on Sunday nights and get in just under the deadline.  My high school teachers would be thrilled to hear how little I grew up.

You know, speaking of high school, one of the things that still surprises me is that there is no class on how to be an adult.  Simple things like budgeting, house keeping, and all the way down to simple things like how to write a check.  Or even cash one too.  I mean what if someone gave me a blank check?

What a coincidence!  That is related to this week’s assignment!

Here’s a blank check, now head over to the Profiles in History Dreier Collection auction and buy something nice for the cave. (You can buy more than one item, but leave some for the rest of us.)

I know what you’re thinking.  I cant believe this guy runs a site and has his own place and a fiance.  I know!  Lets decorate for her!

Thanks to this auction I am dreaming about a superhero themed kitchen.  Batman and Superman have been around for nearly 80 years each.  During that time they have had their images on damn near everything possible.  These two iconic characters are probably only rivaled by Santa Claus.  Thank you Coca-Cola!

So how can this blank check help create a well balanced super hero breakfast?

Superman 1940’s Pep Cereal Box $400-$600


1950’s Superman Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Display $800-$1200

Lets start with these two items.

We collectors know the old story.  People never thought (blank) was worth collecting and now they’re worth money.  While its tough for me to picture a time when baseball cards and comic books were just thrown away, I still throw away cereal boxes to this day.  I mean, they’re cereal boxes!  And a promo piece for one is worth over a grand?  Look at it though.  That is Ma and Pa Kent’s baby boy.  That is Kansas all the way.  I would love to frame this and have it up in the kitchen for my future children to see.  “Don’t you want to grow up and be big and strong like Superman?  Eat your corn!”

And does anyone know what kids who eat their vegetables get?  That’s right… Ice Cream!  Thank the maker and thanks to a few pages later I have discovered the Batman advertisements for Slam! Bang! Ice Cream!

(A note: I’m having trouble grabbing the images from the site for these two items.  So these are pictures I have found elsewhere for the same product.)

Batman Dairy Chocolate Vintage Ad Poster $200-$300

Batman All Star Ice Cream Box $200-$300


Sure, its a blank check and this may have only cost me two to three thousand.  But that is a bargain to create the World’s Finest Kitchen!


(Also, go to that link all the way up and look at what is for sale in this auction.  Original costumes from X-Men, Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Willie Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and the list goes on.  Scripts, photos, comics, toys, props, merchandise and so much more.  The items listed inside are jaw dropping.  There is a museum, the greatest museum in the world, full of possibilities to buy and own on page after page here.)


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