Soulfire: FAITH from Aspen Comics Review.

From Aspen Comics, Amanda McMurray, Siya Oum, Josh Reed.

The continuation of “Search for the Light”!   Not in any of the previous issues of this crossover has that title been more appropriate.  Pili is quite literally blinded by her visions.  She knows that Malakai is in danger, dangers that we have seen previously in this series.  Pili’s site is ruined, leading to her believing that some of the more disturbing images ever put on a comic page is a reality come to destroy her.  Pili must trust her mind and never her eyes.  It goes against everything taught to us from birth.  To think that the power lies within requires, well it requires a lot of faith.


RJ and Sonia come in to the series here and again the crew at Aspen Comics shines.  I really need to go through the back issues of Aspen Comics to learn more about these characters.  However, even in seeing them for the first time, they pop off the page.  Strong yet weak, confident yet false, beautiful and dangerous.  The potentials in these two characters have me reaching for the next two parts, flipping through in hope that these two will return.

In a comic that involves a longer passage of time, possible hallucinations, and two groups to follow, it is still a pleasure to read.  It is possibly the most complicated easiest comic I’ve ever read.  Please don’t misinterpret that to mean its an easy simple read.  Not at all.  The writing is clear.  The art flows naturally.  Siya Oum knows how to lay out a page better than most other artists today.  I am on my third read of the comic and there are new details to discover each and every time.  And the colors!  I have never seen so many shades of red, purple, green and more on the page.  Whatever coloring program they’re using needs to put an Aspen page in their marketing and say “LOOK!  This is what you can do with our product!”

The only thing that can prevent any reader from putting this down is the promise of two more issues.  Two more issues which are coming out this Wednesday!


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