From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Nacho Arranz, Khary Randolph, John Starr, Emilio Lopez, Etienne St. Laurent, Josh Reed.

Again, I regret not reading Soulfire from the beginning, because these two returning characters are two of the most interesting heroes I’ve come across in years of reading comics.

Ren takes the idea of the ancient master and spins it in ways I’ve never seen.  Sure, maybe if I studied this archetype more I would find it Legend of the Drunken Monkey Master Returns of something.  But we’re not talking about any movies we’re talking about the “Search for the Light”!

Ren seems enlightenment within and that only causes destruction on the outside.  The lesson has always been to find the true strength within, but that lesson assumes a lot.  It assumes that nothing bad will happen while the meditation is happening.  It also assumes that the answer will make things better.  Its so deceptively simple to take a character in this direction.  If it really was this easy, we would have read hundreds of stories like this.  But no, Aspen is constantly original.

Then there is Benoist.  While I said Ren is an original idea, Benoist is a character who should be in comics more.  A genius, a warrior, a self sacrificing hero and very proud to be black.  He is just the coolest man I may have ever seen in any Aspen Comic.  He is damn sure on my coolest guys in all of comics list.  He’s just so… so… AH!  You’ll have a man crush, that’s how cool he is.  He combines magic and technology but that’s not all.  He is a genius and a thrill seeker.  A careful planner and an improviser.  Its like if Doctor Doom was a good guy.  Or if Tony Stark opened up the Darkhold.  I had already fallen in love with the women of Aspen Comics, but now Benoist comes along.  Is there any way we can get him to do an Old Spice ad?  Oops sorry.  An AXE ad of course!

Every single issue of the “Search for the Light” event has increased the interest and excitement of the series.

Really if you’re not reading Aspen Comics there is something horribly wrong with you.