Its time once again to spotlight the best comic book covers that are brand new on the shelves today.

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Lets get this comic party started!

Amazing Spider-Man #690

One of us!  One of us!  Seriously, it looks like the Critters are coming to eat Spidey.

Aquaman #11

Oh I love when Red Lobster has their annual Black Manta Fest.  Don’t Bogart the fork Arthur!


Axe Cop President of the World #1

The impossible cover.  As in it would be impossible to see this cover and not buy this comic.  Cats are dead around the country because of the curiosity that oozes out of this issue.


Before Watchmen:  The Comedian #2

Get out your maps kids!  Here comes a geography lesson.


Debris #1

This one is a cheat, because we were lucky enough to get an advance copy of the book.  But DAMN!  There is so much going on in this cover.  Its also an amazing book that we highly recommend you buy.


Goon #40

I want to crank “Black Sunshine” and just rock out with this comic.


The Legend of Oz The Wicked West #5

Its so simple, but man you tweak that iconic witch image just a little bit and the result is the familiar yet frightening cover.


Mighty Thor #17

This is the most packed, crazy, and yet stunning cover I’ve seen in awhile.  Can we have an oversized artist edition of this just so I can see all of the details?


Spaceman #8

Well that’s just… just… I need to lay awake forever now.


Superman Family Adventures #3

Super Pets!  Why are you making me buy this incredible looking kids book?


Venom #21

Those are some long forgotten and little used bad guys from the Spider-Man mythos right there.  I’m starting to think I’ve been slacking by not reading this title.


Wonderland #1 Eric Basaldua cover.

Funny.  If I had to guess I would have thought she would be hare-less between her legs.  Thank you!  I’ll be here all week!