Hello, we’re Pete’s Basement.

For five years now we’ve run one of the best and most popular comic book discussion shows on the internet, all from Pete’s actual basement in Brooklyn, NY. Every Tuesday, we release a new episode where we hash it out over the comics that came out that week as well as current comic-related movies, and TV.

We’re not the stereotypical image of a comic book nerd. We’re all from New York, have real jobs, real lives, wives and girlfriends, AND love comics, cartoons, and video games.

We tell it to you straight. If a comic is good, we’ll tell you, and if we think it’s bad, we’ll tell you. We don’t pull our punches. We have an awesome fan-base that keep the conversation going online. Our fans like the show because we’re passionate and knowledgeable about the comics we review, but also joke around a lot, and don’t take ourselves that seriously.

Sometimes we have special guests; J.K. Woodward (Fallen Angel, IDW), John Layman (Chew), Keith DeCandido (Farscape, Star Trek: The Next Generation) just to name a few.

And every year, we throw in special episodes, like 2008’s “Skrull Pete’s Basement”, and last year’s “Ramon’s Basement Saga”. Plus, we cover the annual NYC Comic Convention from deep inside the heart of the convention floor.

We love doing this, but there’s a problem. Our equipment is dying. Some of it has been with us since the first episode way back in January, 2008. We need to raise money to buy new and better equipment so that we won’t have to go off the air. We can keep Pete’s Basement on your screen and looking more awesome than ever!

What we absolutely need

Our monetary goal for this campaign is $25,000. With that we will improve the following areas of the show:

New cameras:

We aim to replace all three of our current cameras with modern professional HD cameras, and finally bring Pete’s Basement into the early 21st century! Just imagine Pete in HD. It’ll be like he’s reviewing comics a few feet in front of you.

Editing equipment:

As camera tech changes, so too does the equipment needed to edit it. We’d like to modernize our capture and editing. The amount of money we raise will dictate what editing setup we can buy, and consequently our choice of camera, and other things.

New mics:

Anyone who’s seen us at a comic convention knows we lug around a lot of microphone cable everywhere we go. A nice set of wireless lav/hand-mic combo would be a great addition to what we have. And less wires means less chance for Steve to trip and get injured.


The lights are a big issue. We need good energy-efficient modern lights. We have some nice ones now, but they’re definitely on their way out. New lights would make the show look a lot better, and give us more options to light the set better and more creatively. A portable light solution would make those comic con episodes really shine.


Along with the basics above, there are all the other necessities that every video production needs: hard drives, cables, video tech, tripods and mounts, duct tape, software, tech services, promotion, marketing.


What you’ll get

We have an array of great perks. Everyone who contributes will get their name permanently etched into our “Wall of Heroes” on the Pete’s Basement website. There you’ll stand proudly side by side with other heroes who gave from their heart to keep Pete’s Basement alive.

All the great perks we offer are listed on the right side of this page, but they include autographs, rare Pete’s Basement publications, a tattoo from Skrull Adam at East Side Ink, t-shirts, and original artwork by J. K. Woodward! Some are limited in supply, so get yours before it’s gone!

The Impact

This campaign is about keeping Pete’s Basement alive, but also about bringing it to the next level. Raising $25,000 would be great, and we could definitely replace all of our equipment, and keep doing the show as we have been, only better.

If we raise say, $40,000 or more, we could upgrade the show and make it EVEN better. Without giving too much away, it may or may not involve downloadable sandwiches. Ok, it doesn’t, but there are some things we’ve had on our “someday” list, and if we raise enough money, that day could be very soon.

For instance, if we were to raise several million dollars, we could buy a Pete’s Basement Yacht, and do the show from the high seas. We’d sail all around the world meeting fans and talking about comics… Well it’s a dream anyway.

But seriously, more awesome, more engaging. We’ll get to these ideas at eventually, but if we exceed our funding goals, we can fast-track some of them right now. And then the ultimate basement experience will be upon us.

Other Ways You Can Help

Love Pete’s Basement, but are tight on funds right now? No problem! There are still plenty of ways you can help.

The biggest thing you can do to help us out is to spread the word about Pete’s Basement, and this campaign. Click the buttons on this Indiegogo page to share this with your facebook friends, on your twitter feed, via email, but however you do it, get the word out.

If everyone send this to just a few friends, and they all give just a little bit, we’re sure to reach our goal.

But most importantly, even if your friends can’t give right now, spread the word about Pete’s Basement anyway. Tell your friends about how we’re your favorite comic book discussion show, about how you watch us every week, and how you love to talk about comics with us on our facebook, twitter, and by email. We appreciate every new viewer we get, and it adds to Pete’s Basement’s staying power.

Thank you all so much! Here’s to five awesome years, and (hopefully) many more to come.

The Pete’s Basement Crew.