Soulfire: GRACE from Aspen Comics Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Pasquale Qualano, Beth Sotelo, David Curiel, Josh Reed.

The finale to the “Search for the Light” event!

The Five Masters of Magic we have been following throughout this story finally unite to save Malikai.

All of the things fans like me love best about Aspen are here.  Fantastic art that continues to reward every time the reader looks at the page.  I’m still discovering background details.  Many comics concentrate on drawing the characters and prop them up against a blank background.  If you’re lucky they’ll make that background a color instead of plain white.  Not Aspen.  The cave, the wall, every single scene enriches the experience.  There are those who complain that Aspen Comics take too long to come out.  I am more than willing to wait for quality like this.

If you are the type of fan that ran across the floor of Comic Con to stand in the Hasbro line, you are the type of fan that needs to read this book.  I’ll even call it My Little Soulfire: Friendship is Magic just to get new readers into the store.  (Although friendship is not quite the word.)  It is everything we loved about the classic adventure cartoons (and toy lines) of our childhood.  Huge stories that take place across the world, and sometimes other worlds as well.  Characters that you already love visually, then they speak and you lie awake at night arguing with yourself over which one is the coolest.    An enemy that is so powerful, so insurmountable you skip ahead just to see if everyone makes it out because the tension is too great.  I’m not talking about GI Joe or Transformers, all of this can be found within Soulfire: GRACE and within the entire “Search for the Light” event.

The only complaint I have is that its too short.  The final act felt too rushed.  I wanted bigger.  In a series that I have praised for being well written, for having amazing and deep characters, I wanted them to go the other way just once.  Yes, I wanted the big dumb summer movie over the top fight.  Don’t misunderstand me, there is a battle and it is a damn good one.  The intensity of our heroes, the ferocity of the villains, and the terror of the challenge added up to a white knuckle read.  But the fight was so good I wanted even more.

Fans of Soulfire will get even more when Volume 4 is released soon.  If Aspen continues to increase the story, to turn up the excitement, with each and every issue Volume 4 might be the only comic I read that week.  Because it would be unfair to expect any others to compete.


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