Top 4 of Superstars 7/26/12

There were only three episodes on today’s Superstars, mostly because they have to make room for all of those Raw recaps because you can’t tell me they are short on time before Smackdown to do the tapings. Next week we are supposed to go to Raw, we opted out of Smackdown because of this reason. For the same price and about the same distance, Raw has a four hour show and Smackdown has about a 2 ½ hour show. Guess what’s more worth the money? End of rant.

4. Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty

This was one of Zack Ryder’s better matches on Superstars of late. I’m not sure if it’s because of McGillicutty or he just found a good stride, but together they put on a match worth watching. Unfortunately it was shorter than it should have been. Probably for those recaps.

3. Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

Last week I thought, “This is the best Sin Cara match I’ve seen to date.” The rematch this week topped that. While it might not be Drew McIntyre’s best match to date it is still pretty incredible to watch. Sometimes a match is so good it is hard to explain and, well, they manage it here.

2. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

As my loving Chris pointed out to me I do have a biased towards a few of the men in this match. It shows when I pay closer attention to every move they make. Now, we’ve seen these guys in the ring before, and there’s nothing really new within the match, but they are all brilliant with what they have to work with and that’s a boatload of talent. No, not between them. Each.

1. Scott Stanford

As Nick pointed out to me last week, Scott Stanford being #1 on the list is as shocking as his putting Kane as #1 on his Fave Five every week, and still, things must be the way they are for a reason. It’s hard to say something I haven’t already said, but Scott once again tells the story that doesn’t have the opportunity to be told, mostly about McGillicutty versus Ryder. Mathews joins in this week and seems to actually be making jokes right alongside him, which makes for a better flow on commentary. They both concentrate on the match and the men before them.

“You know that Reks was the first Superstar to take Ryback off his feet. Know what that tells me? Ryback is human!”

“You know if you look up Aerial Assault in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel.”

“In one way or another I guess this is sort of an unofficial Internet Championship match.”


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