Mr McMahon comes out and announces Booker T as the new Smackdown General Manager.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says things. Sheamus comes out to say more things.  Booker T makes matches.

Sheamus (World champion) beats Tensai.

Eve tries to give/get a job.  Booker T makes Teddy Long his senior adviser.  Teddy tells Eve to get the steppin.

Antonio Cesaro beats Santino Marella (US champ) but its non-title.

Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan.  Bryan debuts his new No No No attitude and No No No t-shirt.

Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler beat Chris Jericho, Kane and Christian.  Bryan pinned Jericho.  (So Jericho is definitely a face now.)

Matt Striker interviews the returning Randy Orton.  Alberto Del Rio interrupts.  Words.

Ryback beats Jinder Mahal by DQ.  Mahal hits Ryback with something (microphone?) then runs away.

Darren Young (with Titus O’Neil and AW) defeats R-Truth.

Layla talks to Booker T.  Cody Rhodes comes in to talk.  Booker T makes Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes for next week.

Randy Orton beats Alberto Del Rio by DQ.

Ricardo Rodriguez gets in the ring and attacks Randy, thus the DQ win.  Del Rio and Ricardo run off.  Sheamus comes out and grabs Del Rio, tossing him in the ring where Randy hits an RKO.