GADZOOKS! Today’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed! 8/1/12.

Lets take a look at the coolest comic book covers you’ll find at your local and favorite shops today.

As always, we like the covers and the checklist from Zeus Comics and by all means if you would like to head over to their site and buy some books you will not be disappointed.

Lets get this comic party started!

Alpha Girl #4

I’ve finally watched Enter the Dragon for the first time and am now obsessed with the film.  So many references I never got before.  I have to rewatch The Last Dragon and of course buy this comic as well.

Avenging Spider-Man #10

I’m just going to pretend this is Mary Jane getting revenge for the whole OMIT story line.

The Cape 1969 #2

Got your nose!


Daredevil #16

I think at this point we should all just assume that Daredevil will be on this list each and every issue.


Hawkeye #1

Speaking of Daredevil, comparisons will be made and lets hope this new Hawkeye series is even half as good as ole’ Hornhead.


Invincible Iron Man #522

Coming next Christmas, your official Iron Man 3 chess set!


Merciless The Rise of Ming #3

Outer space grandiose action at its best!


Mind MGMT #3

Wow.  Its almost the greatest Look and Find ever.  I’m still seeing details in this cover.  Incredible work.


Soulfire #1 (Michael Turner cover).

Its a richly detailed, beautiful cover from one of the greatest artists we ever had.  Of course this is making the list.


Warlord of Mars #20

If they were having sex, would we know?  I’m not up on my Martian sexual organs (that was a strange sentence) but there’s a good chance these two crazy interplanetary kids are fucking!




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