From Cullen Bunn, Dalibor Talajic, and Marvel Comics.

Well last time I reviewed a Deadpool book on here I heard directly from the writer who thought my very negative review was “funny”.  I don’t think he meant actual great enjoyment funny, but more I’m an idiot blogger and my ignorant views are humorous.

That wont happen this time because I loved this book.

It takes place in an alternate Marvel Universe, so anything if fair game.  As if that isn’t implied the moment “Kills” appears in the title.  The Watcher tells us this is another realm and guides us through the story.  Always fun to see The Watcher.  Not Uatu, as far as we know, but more on that later.

Thanks to a long time Fantastic Four villain Deadpool is “healed” and his inner dialogue is silenced.  There is only one character inside his head now.  A united Wade and Deadpool.  That focused mind unleashes all of his deadly potential and Deadpool decides to just fuck everyone up.  People die.  Horrible, violent, innovative deaths.  There are cameos from across the Marvel Universe and every one of them is about to meet their end.

When characters have to be kept alive to continue their franchises then writers need to keep coming up with reasons for villains to not just flat out kill everyone.  That is not an obstacle here at all.  Deadpool is funny and terrifying.  The deaths are often and explicit.  And its only the first issue.

Many in the comic book community have been complaining about the corporate characters as of late.  This book and potentially the rest of the series will be a great way to have a bit of satisfaction in seeing those characters done away with.