What a week in WWE matches. While we were at Raw we didn’t actually expect to see matches that would be in the Top 4 of the week contenders. Then there was NXT, Superstars, and Smackdown. And great matches on all of them. If this list could have had 5 on it, for the record it would have been Hunico & Camacho vs. Mike Dalton & Jason Jordan from NXT. Great match with great tag action. It only lost out because it could have used more time to make it even more epic where, oddly enough, Raw and Smackdown gave enough time to matches this week.

4. Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel – Superstars

This is not just female hormones talking, either. This really was a superb match up where Rhodes and Gabriel got to show off, not high-flying skills as they keep attributing to Gabriel, but grappling and mat technique. The two have quick movements that make for a non-stop fight. Loses a bit of suspense because you know Rhodes is going to win, but honestly there weren’t many matches this week where you didn’t know who would win. Doesn’t mean they didn’t work their butts off for a good show.

3. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio – Smackdown

I wasn’t sure when watching this match originally where this would place for the week, then Del Rio welcomed Randy back while having him trapped against the ring. Later, with Orton’s back turned too long, Del Rio jumps from the mat and lands a kick into Orton’s spine. Later still Del Rio works on Orton’s face with his boot. Orton appears like the weaker wrestler as Del Rio’s anger from being forced into the match wins out, but you can see where Del Rio loses momentum for Orton to come back ahead, but Ricardo won’t have Del Rio lose. Great main event.

2. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan – Raw

Daniel Bryan is trying to kill me. How many times in the last few weeks has he made it into my Top 4 of anything? But I’ve never denied he’s a good wrestler, just as a character I have never liked him. (Though that might change…) Sheamus is out to prove that I don’t know what I really want in a match. I keep saying I prefer quick speed, then he goes out there, pummels someone, gets pummeled in return, and make it onto the top of the list. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus have a great, brutal match. Daniel Bryan doesn’t hold back and Sheamus holds back in such a slight way it’s almost unnoticeable. Almost. Daniel Bryan can’t take the same kind of strikes Tensai can, which is why…

1. Sheamus vs. Tensai – Smackdown

Dammit, Sheamus. Sheamus and Tensai try to kill one another by just striking, striking, striking, in an all out brawl. They almost appear to enjoy it as well. I enjoyed it. I just wish they would let Tensai have more of these kind of matches, then maybe people would stop complaining about his inability to wrestle. Some guys can not wrestle with everyone, and some guys have odd pushes that shouldn’t have happened the way they did, but when Sheamus and Tensai get in the ring you can expect a bloody (every pun intended) good match.