We here at Team Hellions have seen many many sites posts pictures of the day.  Something neat, someone attractive, something to promote.  We wanted to do a daily post like this, but with some sort of content.  A picture of someone is just that, a picture.  What does it do for them or for us?  Nothing.

So we’re going with the Stunners of the Day.  One man and one woman who have something stunning happening within the week.  A news story, an event, something exciting.  If you happen to like either person then all the better.  Share and promote them as well.

We will be taking suggestions for men and women to feature in this now daily column.  Real, imaginary, characters, in front or behind the screen.  Anyone is an option.  Tell us why he or she is stunning (especially this week).

Tune in shortly to find out the first Stunners.