WWE Diva Arrested at Airport.

Fans are reporting that current WWE Diva Rosa Mendes was arrested after coming off of her flight. A picture is floating around Twitter. Rumor is that she was intoxicated. WWE isn’t known for tolerating behavior like this. Expect Rosa to be released much like Rhyno and Tiffany before her.


2 thoughts on “WWE Diva Arrested at Airport.

  1. It’s so funny to hear you say that the WWE isn’t tolerant of such behaviour cause it just reminded me of a story that an old housemate of mine once told me. He was working as a nurse in Belfast city hospital and said they once had to look after a guy who’d been punched in the face at a nearby hotel. When they asked him what happened he claimed that two WWE wrestlers came into the hotel “coked off their faces” and that one of them just punched the first guy that he saw. Which unfortunately for this guy happened to be him. There may have been more to his story than what he said but you know what they say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Would have loved to have been at the “work meeting” that happened after that incident if that was how it happened.

    • I was living in the area when Shawn Michaels was attacked outside of Syracuse. Must have heard a dozen different variations of that story from people who “swore” they were there. Then they had to do a concussion angle on Raw to explain it.

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