Pete talks about The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but has not yet seen Batman. Ramon saw Batman. Steve saw Batman, but Steve saw it after the show was filmed. We were unable to have Steve review it from the future because Pete got rid of his bowflex*. Oh, and they talk about comics too!
*See Season 3, Episode 52. -Ed
In this episode: A vs. X,Amazing Spider-Man The Movie,Animal Man,Avengers vs. X-Men,Avenging Spider-Man,,Comprehensive History of The Batmobile,Contest,Daredevil,Dead World,Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe,Detective Comics 27,Episode,Flash Gordon,Harvest,Hawkeye,Indiegogo,Infected,izombie,Kickstarter,Mark Cotta Vaz,Martin Sheen,Ming The Merciless,Neal Adams,Peter Parker: Spider-Man,Sally Field,Swamp Thing,The Cape 1969,The First X-Men,The Power Principle,The Watcher,Think Tank

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