This week’s sound effect comes from Axe Cop:  President of the World #1.

As it is each and every week the comic book covers we feature come from our good friends at Zeus Comics.  Head over to their site for some great deals and easy comic book shopping.

Lets get this comic party started!

Atomic Robo: Flying She Devils of the Pacific #2

Remember kids, you cant spell pimp without AI!

Before Watchmen: Ozymandius #2

Its like raiding Chris Gore’s closet.

Executive Assistant Assassins #2 (Michael Ryan cover)

Some would be cornered, but Lily becomes all the more dangerous when her back is against the wall.

Fantastic Four #609

BAM!   Now THAT is a punch!  One of the best punches I’ve heard in all of comics.  I mean seen.  I think.

Godzilla Half Century War #1

And for those of you who are still checking YouTube every day hoping someone has leaked footage of Pacific Rim, maybe this will hold you over for a day.

Hoax Hunters #2

I know Rob is looking forward to this one.  Just for cover alone I’ll suggest buying it.  Maybe frame this one and have people come into your house saying holy shit what in the hell is that?!  Then you can tell them all about comic books.

Idolized #1


Scarlet Spider #8

I am only including this because its 2012 and little known West Coast Avenger, Firebird is on the cover.  Firebird!

Spider-Men #4

This has the potential to be the most upsetting comic of the year.  Does it come polybagged with tissues?