Dark match:

Wade Barrett defeats Zack Ryder.



Booker T comes out.  He calls out Sheamus.  Sheamus gets in trouble for taking Alberto Del Rio’s car.  Del Rio comes out.  Angry words. Booker T makes a match for later tonight.

Sin Cara defeats Cody Rhodes.

Christian defeats Antonio Cesaro.  Cesaro attacks Christian after the match.

Randy Orton defeats Jack Swagger.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins talk to Booker T and Teddy Long.  Booker says only A+ talent is allowed.  (Where is this going?)

Jinder Mahal wins a squash match against two opponents.  Ryback comes out.  Jinder runs off.  Ryback beats up the two enhancement talents.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.  Jericho invites Dolph Ziggler but Vickie Guerrero comes out instead.  A match is made for SummerSlam.  Jericho says he’s bringing back Y2J.  Dolph comes through the crowd and attacks Jericho.

The Prime Time Players beat Epico and Primo by DQ in a #1 Contenders match for the Tag Team Titles.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth join for commentary.  AW upsets them, they chase after Team AW and thus cause the DQ.

Eve asks Booker for a job.  Booker gives the job to Kaitlyn instead.  But wait!  Kaitlyn vs Eve next week for Booker’s second assistant.

Rey Mysterio defeats The Miz.

Daniel Bryan comes out and calls out AJ.  Kane comes out instead.  Then Booker T brings out AJ as his guest.  Words.  Kane and Daniel fight.  Bryan escapes through the crowd.  Kane shoots off fire.  AJ laughs.

Sheamus comes out for a match, but is assaulted by “police”.  Alberto Del Rio comes out and attacks Sheamus.  That’s about it.