From Image Comics, Michael Moreci, Steve Seely, Axel Medellin, Jim Campbell, Tristan Jones, and Dave Lasso.




From the cover, this issue amazing. Concerning the cover, this is one of the most iconic images in the history of cryptozoology and now Tristan Jones has taken it and made it an iconic cover in comics. I want this on my wall; it’s that amazing.

As we left off on issue #1, something is killing…everything, that ventures into the woods. The normal fauna, and the not so normal, including what I can only assume are Sasquatch. Our group of heroes – Jack, Regan, Ken, Murder, and now the local sheriff – are in search of the “carnival.” As the issue opens, we are introduced to the leader of this carnival, and just what he is capable of. Is it smoke and mirrors? or is this some how scientific? We don’t know, but this individual, Clive, has influence over the masses.

The nice thing about Hoax Hunters is that it takes a wide berth; they’re not afraid to answer questions, but with that answer don’t be surprised if you get more questions asked. While walking onto the carnival property, our heroes come across creatures that are convincingly real, one kid even noting at their realness. When finally we meet Clive in real time, he manages to turn the tables, leaving our heroes to flee, cornered in the wood by the cause of all this death and by those for which the rules of death no longer apply.

Hoax Hunters is one of the most unique comic books I’ve read in recent years. It has something for everybody; it’s got horror, X-Files like supernatural powers/creatures, mystery elements. It’s a title that’s not afraid to push boundaries and vein explanation in order to explore great plot points. In short, Hoax Hunters gives a little, and takes a lot more, and makes it work, something that is very rare for comics. That’s why I love this title, and that’s why I look forward to it every month.