From Marvel Comics, Cullen Bunn, Dalibor Talajic.

Wait, didn’t we review the first issue last week?  Yes!  This is a weekly title because its just too big and too crazy to sit back on its haunches.  Part of me really wants to review this in Deadpool style but I’ll refrain.

For those of you coming in a week late, here’s the story.  This alternate reality features a Deadpool who gets his head on straight.  His psychotic head on straight.  The only thing to do is travel the Earth and kill every one in a costume.  Got it?  On to this issue.

Sure this comic is a lot of blood and guts, and that’s loads of fun.   But there is also an incredible amount of creativity.  Sure, there are some things that may bother Marvel Zombies, but its an alternate Earth, lets have fun!  Deadpool kills his opponents in some damn creative ways.  The way he dispatches of the Avengers is brilliant.  Did you fans notice the tiny little Hank Pym on the light?  A touch of genius.

The ending is insane.  The people who have been brought together by death.  The plot that they hatch.  The help that they turn to.  It is one of the coolest scenes of the year.

This is the first time I’ve seen Deadpool called the “regeneratin degenerate”.  Its been a long time since I’ve seen a nickname for a character that got me excited, but here we are.  That’s just on the first page and there are a lot of little touches inside those first few pages.  Just wait until you see Howard the Duck.  Also, maybe its my own fault for not being a huge fan of Beast, but this is the best I’ve ever seen Trish Tilby.  This alternate reality “joke” book has endeared this character to me more than any other previous story.  As much as the story is about Deadpool, there is a lot of great character work done here.  Both super beings and us normals.

Great page layouts throughout the book.  There are these large panels that continue behind later panels.  Sure its been done before but it really gives this comic its own feel.  Panels over other panels are like the inner dialogues within Deadpool’s mind.  Sure, he’s “better” and focused but there is definitely some insanity still inside.

The only thing that could make this better would be a MAX label slabbed on it.  Some language, some more explicit deaths, and maybe even throw some sex and adult humor in there.  That tiny complaint aside, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is the biggest surprise hit from Marvel Comics.