REGALSAYS: A surprising trip down memory lane for a WWE DVD. Best thing about Netflix is these are put on here not long after release. Showed bits that I missed when I didn’t watch WWE for a while. Ah memories.

Jasmine_Galan #HashtagWrestling Let’s do this

Jasmine_Galan Oh Eddie, how I miss you #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 First up Chris Jericho #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable What I love about the WWE is that they celebrate their past more than any other sport. Thats why this is great. #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan RAW. IS. JERICHO #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 It’s Kidman! #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth This is making me realize how much I’ll miss him when he’s on tour.#HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 One of my favorite Jericho moments was the 1004 holds segment #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Y2J baby!

Kristoffrable Jericho’s character work from 2007-present cannot be beat. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Seeing Daniel Bryan without his ZZ Top beard is just weird…Goatface… #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan I sat on the remote and turned off everything…damn excitement #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Also, if you haven’t seen ‘Breaking the Code’ you’re missing out on WWE’s greatest DVD package. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Jericho is always underrated.

MrsZigglesworth For the record, Edge’s ladder matches still make me say, “HOLY SHIT!” #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Edge’s success in Tag Team Wrestling definitely brought him to the dance #HashTagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling I enjoyed the tag teams of 2000

Right2PlayGod edge… a fantastic wrestler who realized his dream and seemed to always have a good time no matter what. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling I do not miss the Running Cuddle.

jjmwwe89 I’m sure Miz is grateful for Edge setting the bar for MITB #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Edge also has my favorite theme song of all time! There has never been one to get me more excited to see a wrestler.#HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Oh look. Triple H! The Internet hates him, but I give no fucks. He’s in my Top 10! #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling One, Two. Is this on? It’s our time!

jjmwwe89 Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero was a great match. #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable When I think of Triple H, in the ring, I think of a living Greek god. He had that presence and he has the titles. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth WOOOO!! #ReppingNC #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Double A! Arn Anderson! FTW! #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan Evolution. Haven’t thought of them in so long #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod i really didnt like any wrestler in evolution other than HHH #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Evolution was one of the greatest stables in Modern Wrestling history! #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Vince loves cock! #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable I gotta say, I wasn’t thrilled with barbarian Triple H. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling This isn’t actually a countdown, is it? They just stuck people wherever.

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling Tha Wrestling Gad!

Kristoffrable JBL was the American ADR. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling JBL had a great character, but he was terrible at the whole “wrestling” thing.

Kristoffrable Shut up Matthews. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Oh god.. JBL the border hunter. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Of course Miz is gonna call JBL despised in the locker room #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling The Clothesline from Hell was great, however.

MrsZigglesworth LOL Miz’s impersonation. #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Haha, I forgot about JBL’s Border Busting…less we forget his Hitler impersonation in Germany. #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod and now JBL wears mom jeans with a shirt tucked in oh how the mighty have fallen #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 I would’ve loved to see JBL and JR on commentary #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Kane without a mask! I have never seen this before. #Kidding#HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling And now Kane dresses in clothing he makes himself.

Kristoffrable Shut up, Matthews. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 I like the S&M buckle singlet Kane used to rock… #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 No Dr. Issac Yankem or Fake Diesel mention #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod Kane’s 3 ft penis made me stop changing the channel #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Kurt! Fuck yes.

Kristoffrable Shut up Matthews. Kane didn’t evolve, so much as reinvent himself in the 00’s. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Kurt, please come back home. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Angle was amazing… until he came completely unhinged.

jjmwwe89 Angle did so much in one year. It was impressive. #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan I miss these moments #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod and now angle’s character Sucks… for real #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth That has to be one of my favorite matches of all time! #KurtVsBrock#HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Kurt Angle vs HBK at WM 21 was great to watch #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Love him or hate him… Rock helped put the boot into WCW and out of bizness when Austin got injured.

MrsZigglesworth *cough* OVERRATED! *cough* #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Still think Icon vs Icon match should have been Hogan and Austin #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Rock calling Hurricane and Rosey “The Hamburglar and Grimace!”#HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod i am now thinking about the Rock’s strudel #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Austin vs Rock, only match to headline Wrestlemania three times and be legit every time #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 The Rock’s People Elbow on Bulldog was one of the best#HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Randy Orton…overrated #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable The Rock may be the “People’s Champion” but he’s not mine.#HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I’ll give it to the man. He makes wrestling look easy & effortless.#RandyOrton #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan Orton…..good Lord man you are gorgeous #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Loving the Cesar haircut Orton #LegendKiller #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Holy shit, I forgot that Orton had hair! #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Remember when Orton had an 8pack? #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 “the anti-good guy” umm isn’t that a bad guy Miz? #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth If not for anything else, I do say I think he has the best thighs in the business. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Stone Cold > Randy Orton #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod Everyone says how cute Orton is… his shitty attitude kill it for me. I would do Kane or Hornswoggle first #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Brock Lesnar = most frightening ginger in the business.#HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Bork Laser was better in his first coming b/c he didn’t talk much…if he doesn’t talk it’s tolerable #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable I don’t doubt Lesnar’s contribution, but I just didn’t give a shit.#HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Lesnar was and remains one scary freak of nature.

MrsZigglesworth Trish & Lita were my favorite Divas. #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod WAIT …. WOMEN THAT CAN WRESTLE AND LOOK GOOD!!! :0#HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 No 2000s were about Women’s Champs…Lita and Trish should be the only ones counted #ScrewDivas #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod Looking back now I see how skanky some of the Diva acts were …#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Stacy!

Jasmine_Galan PUPPIEEESSSS! I am not ashamed. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 So apparently the only divas in the 2000s were Torrie Wilson, Stacy Kiebler, Lita, and Trish Stratus. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Why is Alicia Fox on my TV? Just like the Summerslam video, she ruins everything #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod Was I one of the only people who were not into Lita? I still am blah on her #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling I wonder if Lita can still ‘go’

MrsZigglesworth I would go gay for Trish. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Yes Lita was the “anti-diva”…Rock star #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod I always thought the Hardys were dirty looking. Great wrestling but needed a shower #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 I see Jeff Hardy and remember when CM Punk dressed up as him haha great Smackdown moment #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 I can’t be the only who marked out in 2001 when he beat HHH for the IC Title #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth He wasn’t great on the mic, but much like Edge, Jeff’s moves made you say “HOLY SHIT!” #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod And they Hardys could not dance #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Jeff Hardy was the male Lita.

Kristoffrable I liked Hardy, never liked his lifestyle, but as a wrestler, I loved him. He has a move set that nobody does. #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod I don’t like it when the Big Show wears a singlet with only one strap.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling aw fuck. Big Show.

Right2PlayGod I liked Knucklehead #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Big Show with hair is just weird to see… #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod I love how small the titles look on Big Show #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Show-kishi was funny, though. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Angus McBigShow! Showkishi! Shownan the Barbarian! #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling He does Hulk Hogan better than Hulk Hogan.

Jasmine_Galan Eddie :’) #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling YES! EDDIE! #VivaLaRaza

MrsZigglesworth I ❤ Eddie. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Kevin Nash claims this guy and Benoit killed wrestling.

jjmwwe89 Eddie Guerrero will go down in history as one of the best. There will never be another one like him. #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod No Man should ever wear a shirt or jersey backwards… NO ONE #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Pretty sure, Eddie was the only one who could rock the mullet! #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Eddie was one of the few “high fliers” I actually enjoyed watching.

jjmwwe89 Eddie Guerrero beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title was definitely one of the most Mark out Moments ever. #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod Wonder where Chris Benoit will fall on this list. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Jeez that’s a fucking tearjerker.

Right2PlayGod Oh wow SHAWN MICHAELS was the man ! #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 THE SHOWSTOPPER! MR. WRESTLEMANIA! HBK!#HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 HBK is another one of those Wrestlers where it doesn’t matter what decade it is, HBK could work with anyone #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod the way they cut from DX on the tank to black to shawn walking down the ramp made me think i lost power for a second. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Dolph sighting! #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth HBK. I have no words. He is the best, ever! #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Michaels, greatest performer WWE has ever seen, period. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 I cried like a baby when he retired and I’m not ashamed to admit that… #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Booker T…I can’t say it with a straight face, I’m sorry. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 “Yeah I got yo locket, Sucka!” #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth BOOKA T NEEDS TO GIT ON HIS BAH-CYCLE! #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 All hail King Booka! All hail King Booka! All hail King Booka! All hail King Booka! #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable I’d give him more credit if he hadn’t taught the axe kick to Alicia Fox. She’s going to kill somebody. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling King… BOOK-AH!

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling The Miz is winning.

jjmwwe89 I loved when William Regal said it #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth STONE COLD! STONE COLD! #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 STONE COLD! STONE COLD! #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan I LOVE STONE COLD!! #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I miss Austin. ❤ #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling I’ll say it. I never was a fan of Stone Cold. His goofy heel stuff was as close as I got.

Kristoffrable Austin’s influence in the 00’s wasn’t that great. But I don’t discount his contribution. He was a hell of a performer. #HashtagWrestling

Right2PlayGod Stone Cold always came to the show late and was never in gorilla when he should have been. thats why he was cool #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Steve Austin was the anit-face which everyone could relate to which made him loved by many. #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Say what you will. Punk owes a shit ton of his character to Austin.#HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 I want Stone Cold to come back and run over AJ with his four wheeler…is that too much to ask? #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 Stone Cold as the Sheriff of Raw! #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling Watching Austin/Vince always cracks me up

Melodelish4286 Stone Cold made movies but came back…unlike some other guys…::Rocky:: #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan Oohh the Undertaker! His tongue still freaks me out#HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Undertaker…I know his time is coming to an end, makes me sad…he’s the last of the legit #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Taker, easily my favorite character in wrestling. What a hell of a presence. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 No American Badass mention! #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Nothing like an Undertaker entrance at Wrestlemania…takes 20 minutes, but your eyes don’t leave the TV #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling you can’t not respect the deadman.

jjmwwe89 I remember that night at Royal Rumble 2007 #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Best of the best: HBK vs Taker. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling You can’t not respect my right to not respect people… This does not apply to Taker, because he’s great.

Melodelish4286 I want Wrestlemania 29 to be Undertaker vs Imposter Undertaker…2 Undertakers storyline was legit #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan BOOYAKA!! #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Rey Mysterio is my LEAST favorite wrestler of all time. This is based mostly on his massive over pushing in the WWE.

Melodelish4286 Booyaka booyaka 619…not a Mysterio fan, but I do like the 619 and I randomly sing his theme song…he’s so little! #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Like Eddie, Rey is one of those characters that became so big and so deserved. I love Rey. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I really get sick of the 619, but I do think he used to be awesome. #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 One of my favorite Mysterio matches was against Kurt Angle at SummerSlam 2002 #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Who was that fellow he won the title from the second reign? Oh… Jackie boy.

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Since Rey’s return, he moves almost as well as I do.

jjmwwe89 Does Miz’s dad ever talk about Miz? #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable I’ve always liked Rey’s body of work in WCW better, but I don’t think people give him enough credit. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling add Melina, Rosa Mendes and others to his list. But not Mickie James.

Melodelish4286 Batista…another person I don’t really care for…I’m not a fan of the “big guys” they’re too obvious #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling The worst series of matches I can remember: Batista vs JBL.

jjmwwe89 Dave “You’re supposed to be my Friend” Batista #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Batista had probably the most powerful move set in WWE aside from Lesnar. He was an asshole, but I always liked him. #HashtagWrestling


Jasmine_Galan I think Batista is so damn good looking, didn’t really like him in wrestling though #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Looking at this countdown I’ve realized I like the small built guys…Triple H is probably my only exception  #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce Batista’s ridiculous overselling at the end still makes me laugh. Otherwise, I never liked him. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Juan Chena…I miss his Thuganomics persona #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce I hate Cena. That is all. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth As much as I don’t like Cena, he gives everything he has for the business. #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Say what you will about Cena, but he’s a guy I respect a lot. Not the best wrestler, but he’s hard working. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Cena’s motto…which can be found on every bright colored t-shirt he wears…he lives daily #HashtagWrestling

Jasmine_Galan CENA. I’m not surprised, but he needed to be below a lot of the others. I still love him though #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Not to mention his work with Make-a-Wish foundation is staggering and heartwarming. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth This better not be a numbered list or I’ll be angry. And bitch about it on the Internet. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 My favorite thing about John Cena is that he thinks he’s like little Jimmy and disappears with the wave of his hand #HashtagWrestling

jjmwwe89 I love the Dr. of Thuganomics #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Can anyone tell me the televised moment when Cena went from PG13 to PG kiddie show? #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable Despite all that, I blame him for that fucking spinner belt! #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Also Cena only stars in WWE films…not what I consider a success#HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#HashtagWrestling Can’t…stop…laughing….. hip hop sensation? Movie star? More… laughing.

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling that was rather good. Nice trip down memory lane.

jjmwwe89 That was fun! #HashtagWrestling

Kristoffrable I agree with the large majority of the superstars on this list, a couple I don’t, but all in all enjoyable. #HashtagWrestling

Melodelish4286 Fun times with #HashtagWrestling…nice change up…still wish the Nazi Zombies would have interfered in a match or two…

MrsZigglesworth #HashtagWrestling was really fun! List was a little short, maybe. Give it a 4/5 for tweeting with you all.