Dark Match:

Xavier Woods defeats Garrett Dylan.

Episode One:

Jay Uso defeats Kenneth Cameron.

Rick Victor meets with Dusty Rhodes about an NXT title shot.  Dusty says no.

Big E Lanston defeats Chad Baxter.

Langston is now doing a King Kong Bundy 5 count.

Audrey Marie defeats Tamina.

Raquel Diaz attacks Tamina after the match.

Briley Pierce interviews Seth Rollins.  Rick Victor interrupts.  Victor slaps Rollins.  Seth vows that Rick is now on his Blackout List.

Michael McGillicutty defeats Tyson Kidd.

Seth Rollins meets with Dusty Rhodes.  Seth vs. Rick Victor next week.


Episode Two:

Trent Barreta defeats Johnny Curtis.

Paige defeats Alicia Fox.

Conor O’Brian defeats Jimmy Uso.

Jay Uso comes in to check on his brother.  Ascension attacks the Usos.

Kassius Ohno defeats ???.

Ohno defeated the guy twice and wouldn’t release a submission hold.  Richie Steamboat comes out to make the save.

Seth Rollins defeats Rick Victor.


Episode Three:

Michael McGillicutty defeats Bo Dallas.

Leo Kruger defeats Jake Carter.

Ryback defeats Aiden English and ???.

Richie Steamboat defeats Kassius Ohno.

Ohno attacks Richie after the match.  Referees have to come in to get Kassius to release the hold.


Dark Match:

Sin Cara defeats Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana).