The top three for this week were really easy for me. I knew them right away and never had to debate it. Number 4 was between three matches and I finally gave it to this one because it just felt right.

4. Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler – RAW

This wasn’t really the week for excellent matches, but this match did a bit to tease at possible plots. One, holy crap Alex Riley got a win on Raw. Two, Ziggler and Jericho continue… epically, which is the only way these two can continue. The match was given about 4 minutes, which was a typical match length on Raw and Smackdown this week. It was fun and left a lot of people complaining yet, not as unhappy as they could have been.

3. Antonio Cesaro vs. Christian – Smackdown

Christian’s always been a great wrestler, and while it’s sad to see that he isn’t being used in a more spectacular angle or given that run again at being close to a main event, he still manages to turn any match he’s in into magic. Cesaro found a flow now that he’s learned more about what it is WWE wants from a wrestler. This isn’t taking away from what he could do, but WWE has a different style than other companies and there is a learning curve. He’s picked it up and given a chance to fight the best match of the night. I would have loved to have seen this one given more time, but you take what you can get and enjoy the story.

2. Michael McGillicutty vs. Justin Gabriel – NXT

The match opened up NXT and honestly should have been the main event. While it started off slowly, and that slow cost is what cost this match of the week, when it really picked up the tempo it kept at that tempo until the end. I would love to see this become a feud if just to see these two keep fighting, but then if that happened I might lose out on…

1. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins – Superstars

I love it any time I can put Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins on the list. They are awesome. Did I mention I also adore Gabriel and Kidd? Heck, I like Gabriel so much lately he made 2 of the matches of the week. But, seriously, there are not two tag teams right now who work better together. There are other good tag teams, but somehow these two groups have it, and they make it work in any match. Thank you guys for being some of my favorites and entertaining me every time!