Top 4 of Smackdown 8/10/12

Looking at the numbers I would have thought this Smackdown couldn’t have worked. Total match length time equaled a horrible 14:53 for five matches, though the Jinder one wasn’t much of a match nor was it supposed to be. There were only 5:39 of recaps for the night, also not bad. So what was Smackdown filled with? Segments. And I’m not complaining. In fact, it made it really hard for me to get a Top 4 because I liked every segment, even the Jinder Mahal and Ryback segment. It’s putting Ryback in a feud and everyone loves to hate Mahal, so why not? I’m also pained slightly because I had to leave AJ and Kane off of the list (and Bryan, God, I still hate saying that I like Bryan segments), but it had to be done this week.

4. Chris Jericho Highlight Reel

The man has the smoothest delivery of anyone in the WWE. He makes everything flawless and manages to change with the times. I’m going to miss this man when he’s gone again, but I don’t care about that right now. Right now I have the highlight reel, and he manages to insult Vickie Guerrero without sounding like a prig. I like Vickie, and I still laughed at Jericho’s insulting her.

3. The Booker T segments

Who’d have thought that I’d be this behind Booker T being a GM? I’d be even more behind it if they added someone to that Smackdown commentator table, because I can’t keep listening to that much of Mathews. Eh-hem, anyway, my point is that Booker T works wonders with Eve and Kaitlyn in one segment, creating a match where one of them will be his assistant. I like new Eve since she became the corporate-climbing lady, but boy will I be rooting for Kaitlyn. I love the divas, and okay they aren’t wrestling much, but it proves that they make great eye candy and lead to fun segments. The other segment that deserves a nod is the hint that something is going to change for Reks and Hawkins as they try to talk to Booker T. I’m a NXT Redemption mark, so when they talked about that “other job” I so hoped it would be the security thing again. When the Del Rio thing happened I was crossing my fingers they would end up being one of the cops. But, alas, we are still in the dark, but we know anytime Reks and Hawkins are on screen I get a little happy.

2. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

The match lasted 3:45. Not great time, but Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes don’t need it. The two of them know how to wrestle an entertaining match (at least now for Sin Cara, his return has been a lot better). It also started an interesting storyline. I’m always down for unmasking storylines, and loving that Cody Rhodes is showing glimmers of Dashing again.

1. Antonio Cesaro vs. Christian

For those keeping track at home, this match lasted 4:06. Proving great matches can come from a short amount of time, but they better not be slow and plodding. Cesaro has grown on me since his FCW days where I didn’t care much about him one way or another. There is a slight botch in this match, but it works for the match. It was a good excuse for Christian to have gotten the upper hand.


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