Allison Scagliotti for Rainbow Dash.

Out of great curiosity over what the big deal is, we recently sat down to watch the new My Little Pony cartoon.  Its.  Its actually really good.



If there were ever a live action version of My Little Pony Friendship in Magic, we would love to see site favorite, Allison Scagliotti, in the role.

Here are some photo reasons for our choice.

Check out a great interview with Allison over at Fandom Planet.

Also, be part of our official Allison casting movement, #AllisonScag4Cassie


(OK this one is Photoshopped already, but it helps make my point.)











If you can think of other ridiculous casting like this let us know.



2 thoughts on “Allison Scagliotti for Rainbow Dash.

  1. Man I wish I could have rainbow hair. My job is pretty casual, but I don’t think I could get away with that. She totally rocks it.

    So, are you a full-fledged Brony yet? 😉

    • I will neither confirm or deny the possibility of a Rainbow Dash figure currently on my dresser. This was only after much debate on also buying AppleJack. BTW, the Derpy Hooves SDCC exclusive is going between $70 and 100 on eBay right now. I mean, er, ah, what’s a Brony?

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