Homecoming #1 from Aspen Comics Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Emilio Lasio,  Brett Smith, Josh Reed.

The latest new series from Aspen Comics needs to come polybagged with speed bumps for the eyes, because everything takes place at a breakneck speed.  High school and aliens.  Give them your money now.  Its like the chocolate and peanut butter of comic books.  Thankfully not actual chocolate and peanut butter, because that would ruin the condition of your book.

Its a book you’ll want to read many times until issue two comes out, and then read some more.  The story follows Hunter Wilson, your comic book reading best friend from high school.  He likes video games and comics and toys (sorry, action figures and statues).  He has taken the lessons of these heroes and applied them to his own moral code.  How do we know this?  Because when a hot naked girl appears in his pool and then is unconscious on his couch he doesn’t even try anything.  That is a true gentleman!

She is no ordinary girl though.  Celeste disappeared 10 years ago, but doesn’t look like she’s aged a day.  In fact, she appears exactly like she did ten years ago.  Except for the whole new and strange powers thing.

Evil attacks.  Bad things happen to these kids.  Then stranger things happen.  Further details will not be forthcoming because you need to buy this inaugural issue.  Its a pulse quickening tale that will be your most rewarding purchase of the week.  Yeah, I’m well aware of what titles are coming out this week.   I stand by that statement.  The twists come so fast its like watching Indiana Jones on fast forward.  Except this time the presence of aliens wont piss you off.

High school heroes that look like they’re in high school.  Menacing aliens that are menacing.  A story with unlimited possibilities.  Homecoming is another score from a company that doesn’t produce anything else.




2 thoughts on “Homecoming #1 from Aspen Comics Advanced Review.

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