Top 4 of Superstars 8/23/12

This week all of Superstars was taped before Smackdown, which gave us a team of Matt Striker and his condescending Cole-isms and Scott Stanford and his love for everyone and ability to let negativity roll off his shoulders. Unfortunately for the show there was too much recapping, with nearly 8 minutes of recaps or ads for things that are airing later in the week. There was 19:38 of actual match time (I count from bell to bell, entrances and conversation are not counted into the match time). Considering the show was 39 minutes long there’s still about 12 minutes I didn’t figure in. Probably more on air ads.

4. Damien Sandow vs. Yoshi Tatsu

A lot of people called this a squash, however I think Tatsu had a pretty good offense for the bit of time he got to show it off. Sandow was going to win, that was clear, and Tatsu’s treatment is absurd in the company, but I’m glad to see him in the ring. He helped make Sandow look even better. Still not the best match of the show, but decent enough.

3. Alex Riley vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre comes out looking stylish in the new jacket from last week, but the ending of this match is already predetermined. Superstars is no longer just about good matches and having quick rivalries (believe it or not, just a year ago, it was even if there was no given plot). Superstars is about putting over the guy they are going to push or want to make sure you remember. Unfortunately, it’s not Drew, though Drew looks incredible in the ring. I’m not taking away from Riley, Riley’s come a long way since his ended quick feud with Miz, but I’m ready to see something for McIntyre again. Great match that didn’t flow the way you would have expected it to, which is always a plus.

2. Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel

Before the match started Gabriel and Rhodes had a sort of smile off. Rhodes wanted to prove that he could get a better smile and crowd reaction and told Gabriel to watch him as he climbed up onto the ropes and did his smile. I love both guys so I was at home just cheering like a fan girl all by my lonesome. Was a sad moment for me, but the match itself made up for it. Great match where the two never truly slow down, which is what I like to see. Ultimately, predictably, Rhodes wins and no one is surprised.

1. Scott Stanford

This week Striker and Stanford took more opposing sides while calling the matches, especially for the first and third match (Scott seems less capable of taking a side when either Riley or McIntyre are out there, more so against one another). It made it interested to see Scott clearly playing the face announcer instead of being enthusiastic about everyone and everything, though he still never truly has a horrible thing to say about anyone, making him the ultimate face announcer. Still, as Striker took repeated barbs at Scott and Striker tried to talk himself up as much as he did the matches (though Striker did give a good reason for Rhodes and Gabriel’s continued feud) Scott is the one I always feel the need to praise. Scott doesn’t seem to be affected by the negativity and in fact pokes fun of himself, making it harder for Striker to continue. Scott gets better every week.

A few of Scott Stanford’s great lines of the week:

“That chop reverberating through the arena!”

“Is that related to the Elixir bone?”

“When you look up the term Shot Out of a Cannon you see a picture of A-Ry.”

“What’s wrong with excited and happy? Just look at the guy.”

“Two words we always use to identify Drew McIntyre: Ruthless Aggression.”

“A-Ry, he’s got him done!”

“Talk about explosive! That’s the word I love to explain Riley!”

“He has a perfect five finger hand print on his chest.”


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