From Image Comics, Kurtis J Wiebe, Riley Rossmo, Owen Gieni.

This is the second issue of Maya’s quest through the despair of what comes after, and now a theme emerges.

Maya is in search of water because she believes it to be out there.  There is no proof, no map, no nothing.  Just a legend.  Yet she begins the journey with as much faith in her destination as any of us believe the grocery store will have milk.  And that there will be a grocery store.  The reader already knows Maya is strong.  That has been established in multiple battles against the Umbrals already.  Many readers may daydream that they could be warriors against an obvious enemy.  However, how many could march into the unknown armed with little knowledge and blind faith?  Its petrifying.  Take the feeling of dread from the first day of school or a new job and increase the stakes to life or death.  If there are those in this world who feel Maya is on a fool’s errand they must still be inspired by her.    Very few of us can dedicate ourselves to anything concrete.  Its even rarer to have that kind of passion for an idea.  Maya is a prophet and a leader.  That new role begins in this issue, but the moment is too powerful to spoil in this review.  Find that detail out for yourselves.

It is not enough to read the tale of a woman who is the greatest warrior of her time.  A time that is some years removed from after the fall of everything we know.  Although, that adventure is still here.  A journey that takes Maya to the edge of all that is safe and familiar, and then beyond that.  A mission to a place in which everything will be strange and different, yet names still ring familiar.  Plus, of course, monsters.

The visuals on these creatures called Umbrals are so original its near impossible to put into words.  Mecha-saurs?  Steel and sinew.  Gristle and gears.  But best of all, it works.  Much like Jack Kirby designed his future tech to look like there was a reason behind the madness.  The Umbrals are so detailed its easy to imagine a cross section explaining all of the engineering.  Or biology?

Hopefully I have inspired you to pick up the comic so you can read Maya’s tale as well.  No need to hope for a good book.  Its already a guarantee.