REGALSAYS: Another trip down memory lane and a refreshing one after watching John Cena fuck up yet another main event on Raw. Back when guys sold each other and had a good technical back and forth match (Austin/HBK) rather than take a beating for 15 mins like Cena does then activate his version of the Super Mario star invincibility. Also Mankind/Taker HIAC is always a welcome rewatch.

Andrewthemark D’AWWWWWW HE WE GOOOOO! #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I’ll say it again, Booker is scary in HD. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth British Bulldog was hot as fuck. Apparently that’s where Randy got his baby oil. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Owen Hart: WOOO! #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling I never bought into Bulldog as a heel

Andrewthemark Lol look at howard finkel’s reaction #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier This is a classic match about to take place, right here. *HBK vs. Bulldog* #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling Ah, the days when the big title didn’t look stupid.

MrsZigglesworth Shawn is still the most awesome, ever. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Soooooo who wants to bet shawn’s ass comes out during the match?#HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier What a great start to a match. It already excites you to see what will come next. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark I heard a bah gawd #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Is that a UK crowd chanting “USA”? #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Also, for those complaining about JR hitting puberty…I think we’ve reached that point, finally. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling Nice work by Mr Perfect.

MrsZigglesworth Diana has apparently never seen wrestling before this.#HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier This really is some prime ring-work. One of Michaels’ best matches from his first title run. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark I never understood that move. It’s just to look cool…#HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Shawn sells like Ziggler. Wait, what? 😉 #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier OOF! #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Why is jr marking out over an armdrag? #hashtagwrestling

FamousPlewa I wonder if Vince ever tried to put the title on Bulldog.#HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier That drop to the outside was almost frightening. I love how Bulldog is just manhandling him, here. #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling Bulldog’s back looks like the Ultimate Warrior.

MrsZigglesworth Jose Lethario is from Tijuana? #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark I hate the curtains on the side, they make the screen smaller 😦#HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I wonder what’s with Vince’s love of shattering dreams.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling see this is what a Cena match lacks. Equal footing offense.

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling Sloppy officiating. For shame.

Andrewthemark I love how frequently and quickly vince changes his voice #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling So, Punk’s springboard attempts are all inspired by the Bulldog’s top rope slip?

aPsychoSoldier My god, that Superplex looked deadly! #hashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa Brock Lesnar took inspiration from Bulldog’s spectacular top rope move #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I ❤ the kip up. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth No attack via dress shoe? #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling BAH GAWD. IT’S EZEKIEL JACKSON!!

MrsZigglesworth Warrior still scares me. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Foul! How can you have a Warrior run in without the music to hype the crowd up to pop? Dun dun dun da dun dun

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Piiiillman!!

MrsZigglesworth Flyin’ Brian. 🙂 #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier R.I.P. Brian Pillman. An awesome talent that was taken from us too soon, partially due to his own issues with drugs =( #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Austin, those are the tightest shorts ever. LOL #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling And nobody is worried that there is a mini cam installed in that cubicle?

aPsychoSoldier HBK had to be geeked out of his mind there. He sounded so awkward in that promo. Another awesome druggie. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth So the guys opening the doors are from FCW, then? lol#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Feel… Like there on cloud 9!

aPsychoSoldier Actually, looking at HBK’s face now…he’s totally drugged out right now. I was right. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling ONLY Vince Russo could suggest two tag partners squaring off on a PPV

Andrewthemark Wait what, is this the finals of a KOTR tournament?#HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I so love Shawn. You have no idea how much I’m marking right now.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling again a case where this beats a Cena match. He would have sold that headlock like death.

MrsZigglesworth JR just called Austin “thick”. You’re welcome. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier No wonder HBK was jealous of Austin stealing his spotlight. Look how he’s outshining him right here. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Gotta love that about Austin. He’s the supposed face of this match ain’t he?

MrsZigglesworth Nothing is quite as beautiful as hitting the Sweet Chin Music. Perfectly timed, it’s a beautiful thing. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Wait what????? #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth You have been Russo-ed. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling VINTAGE RUSSO ENDING

aPsychoSoldier *HBK climbs turnbuckle, Girls scream* *Steve Austin climbs turnbuckle, men cheer emphatically* #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Chyna mention. I wonder how much that hurt Vince.#HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Triple H and Mankind have had some great bouts. Hell, HHH and Foley in general. I don’t expect this to be any different.#hashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling Old school Mankind was one of my favorites.

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Sir Helmsley

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling Too much random crap on my time line. I suggest a new hashtag next time.

aPsychoSoldier Foley just loves doing that spot. It’s like Michael’s with the corner flip.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling please bring JR back. It’s just so good to hear him call action.

aPsychoSoldier This is a decent match between Hunter and Mankind, but the crowd is completely killing it. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Lolwut i thought that was triple h not hbk… #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Compared to everything Mankind has done, that was hardly “Kamikaze like”. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Now this match is actually starting to pick up, helped a lot by the crowd actually seeming to give a damn, now. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Ouch, Foley. Y U NO PROTECT YOUR HEAD?!? #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth THAT’S NOT THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE! #HashtagWrestling

TheSupremeForce#hashtagwrestling At least he had that guy to break his fall.

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Next to The Undertaker, I think Triple H has handed out the most abuse in the ring to Foley in his WWE tenure.

aPsychoSoldier#HashtagWrestling makes me actually pay attention to Twitter, not just the people who’s tweets I have sent to my phone.

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling Mrs Foley’s baby boy!

MrsZigglesworth Did HHH curl his hair? Bwahahaha! #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Apparently my comment about the crowd reactions to Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels was a hit with random peeps of the TWC.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa The Rock’s laying the Smackdown! #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Meh.. never was crazy about Shamrock. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Ken Shamrock has one of the best entrance themes of all time.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa Where the old men go? A WCW dig? #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth “Rocky sucks!” #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Triple h’s commentary is great. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa#HashtagWrestling I look forward to the match after this

Andrewthemark Holy shit, i was not expecting that, #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier First weak match of the night. It wasn’t bad…it just wasn’t special. I blame Ken Shamrock. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark “JR, maybe you should say that 5 or 6 more times.” -triple h #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Love this classic match. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa DAWWWW HERE WE GO! #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Mankind. Undertaker. Hell in a Cell. What a way to end the disc. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth This match. YES! #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa This was when The Undertaker was 0.00001 seconds quicker with his entrance #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier I liked some of Disc 1, but this disc of the KOTR set has been vastly greater. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier There’s the first bump. #HashtagWrestling.

Andrewthemark BAH GAWD HE KILLED HIM! #HashtagWrestling


MrsZigglesworth GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTEH! #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Terry Funk getting love from the fans just for being there.#HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa Still gets people to this day. The outright danger, crowd reaction and emotion shown through the commentary #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier JR: “This match has stopped dead in its tracks.” It never even started! #hashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth JR explaining how it’s not fake. <33 #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth Cage botch. #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth I love you, Mick. THIS is a match. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier And there’s the more sickening bump…*cringes* #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark That’s it. He’s dead. LOL #HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth This is the teeth through the nostrils shot, right? #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark The infamous bloody smile. #HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark I wanna see anyone else take that bump. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier “GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, HE’S A HUMAN PIN-CUSHION!”#HashtagWrestling

MrsZigglesworth *cringing* #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa THAT is how you go over and lose the match into the bargain. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa I enjoy that match everytime I see it. Now, I’m off to fight crime!#HashtagWrestling

Andrewthemark Ive seen this match 5 times and it hooks me in every time. #HashtagWrestling

aPsychoSoldier Fantastic #HashtagWrestling tonight! I had a blast with all of you!