For those of you not aware, every month I also participate in the PPV predictions run by our good friend Solace Winter.  She lets fans around the world send in their guesses for who will win or lose every match on the pay per view.  Over 100 fans will be joining us this month.

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The guidelines are simple:  one word answers.  Name the winners but don’t spell it our for five pages only to then come to the conclusion “I think John Cena will win.”

With all of that said, I will list my one or two word answers first for ease then go into my own 5 pages of explanation.

Battle Royal

(yes, you have to guess a name that will win)


Tie-Breaker 1: Name 6 Men who will be in the Battle Royal

Ryback, Tyson Kidd, Brodus Clay, Santino Marella, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal

Antonio Cesaro vs. Battle Royal winner

Ryback becomes the new US champion.

(On this one you may say Battle Royal winner as opposed to a name, if you put a name, bonus points BUT if it’s not the person you guessed, even if it’s the Battle Royal winner you don’t get it because you put a name)

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

The Miz retains.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio wins to become the new World champion.

R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

Kane and Daniel Bryan become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Tie-Breaker 2: How many times does Daniel Bryan say ‘no’ during his entrance?

37. In a row.

Tie-Breaker 3: How many times will “Best in the World” be mentioned throughout the Preshow and PPV.


Layla vs. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn becomes new Divas champion.

CM Punk vs. John Cena

CM Punk retains.


OK, now that we have that in an easy place for the PPV picks let me explain my thoughts:

Someone has to win this battle royal to determine the challenger for the United States title.  It also needs to be someone good enough and popular enough that the fans don’t feel cheated.  I love Antonio, and have seen his previous incarnation as Claudio numerous times live.  He is a fantastic wrestler.  But I don’t know that the WWE Universe if familiar with him enough to warrant a long title run.  He had the belt, it gave him a push and now lets give him room to grow and throw a belt on him again in a year or so.

So who would be interesting enough for this?  There are three faces that I can see in this spot.  Ryback, Santino and the Funkasaurus.  Santino just had a long run with the belt, its time for him and the belt to move on.  Brodus isn’t ready for a title yet.  Nor does his gimmick need one.  He’s over without it.  We’re left with Ryback.  Yes, he is also over.  But the act is getting stale and he needs something to give him legitimacy.  Throwing a title on a guy with an undefeated streak helps raise that wrestler and that title.

As I have said before, Dolph will cash in that briefcase and become World champion.  Of that I have no doubt.  But he needs to look like a world champion before that happens.  A win over Randy Orton would help that cause.  Orton can survive a loss and look strong.  He’s not doing much now anyways.  However, I do see this current run as a test to see if Ziggler can hang in there with the top talents.

Intercontinental title four way:  Sin Cara screw up too much to have the belt.  Rey is too injury prone.  Honestly, I would rather see these two become a permanent tag team and see what happens.  Cody just had the title.  A few times too.  Its time for him to move on.  Start getting him ready for a WWE or World title run.  He would be a fresh face who can wrestle anyone and cut a great promo.  We’re left with the Miz.  He needs to build himself back up after that lackluster last year, and what better way to do so than with a long title reign?

World title:  Really, its just time to change it up.  Sheamus is great and will hold titles many times in his career.  Del Rio needs to be pursing a title or holding one in order to justify his whole character.  Its time to switch it up and what better time than during the ban on the Brogue Kick?

Tag team titles:  Kofi and Truth have wrestled more singles matches than tag team in their time as champions.  Kane and Bryan as reluctant partners, and reluctant champions, is an interesting angle.  Of course it will lead to a big match against each other later on.  Why not have some fun with it along the way?  They keep winning in spite of arguing.  But, whenever that title run is over it best be the Prime Time Players getting the straps.

Divas title match:  This whole story with Kaitlyn seemed like a dream, so why not have the dream win?  Also, from a story writing perspective I see more potential in a Kaitlyn win.  If Layla retains, then what?  She has beat the challenger and now its time to figure out what Diva is next.  But it Kaitlyn wins Layla gets a rematch, Eve wants a shot because she thinks she can beat the less experienced Kaitlyn, AJ is jealous over her friend winning a title she has yet to win.  Plus if we go through all of Kaitlyn’s career its easy to bring in Beth Phoenix, or Natalya, or even Vickie Guerrero.

WWE Title:  You don’t suddenly hook up with Paul Heyman just to drop the title.  It makes much more sense to retain it.  Cheat to win, its all about the money, I’m a Heyman guy, whatever it must be.  Overall keeping the belt on Punk makes more sense to me.

The only way I can see Cena winning it is in order to have Punk and Heyman sue him later.