From Triple Eye Productions Inc., Secret Lab Ltd./ Book Baby Pat Lee, Siya Oum, Hoi-Mun, Nicole Kardiff, Marissa Rivera, Elliot Kravchik, Allison Theus, Lloyd Chao, Raymond Cheng, Anton Chan.

Last year, those of us at Team Hellions went nuts for Extraterrestrial Compendium. So much so, that we reviewed it twice. We have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the full version of it to appear, and finally, as of this week, we have it! This is actually a bittersweet moment for me, in particular; every time I see the name or utter it, I get goose bumps. In terms of cosmology, there has never been anything like this ever attempted. The universe has never been this accessible before, and if you chose to believe it, more frightening and yet more hopeful.

The full 86 races are displayed with stunning facts and great artist renderings, enough to tickle the senses and inspire intrigue. This books is very well researched, even if you don’t buy the facts, it’s clear that everyone that worked on this book knew their stuff. The prose are rich with human experience, and interesting encounters with beings that understand us a lot more than we do them.

Some familiar races pop up in this 190 page graphic novel, including Zeta Retiucli Grey’s, various reptilian types, but also Chupacabra, Leviathans (Loch Ness Monster), Anunnaki, Nephilim, and Moth-Men. The most stunning race here is the Human race, and in many ways humans are aliens when compared to the rest of the universe. The book though, takes humans from a genetically engineered perspective. The book states that human’s may be composed of DNA from approximately 20 different aliens races. If we truly are the genetic melting pot this book suggest, it would certainly make our race more intriguing to others.

With even more depictions of alien species, my arms fill with goosebumps. Holding the universe in your hands, or a seemingly small representation of it is one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever taken part in. Given it’s encyclopedic style, this is a book you can keep returning to time, and time again. I anxiously anticipate the hardcover release of this book; I will show it off, I will recommend it to every body and anybody that I can. In terms of what this year represents, take part in the field guide to 2012 and the future, the past, and what we are, and always have been. We are not alone, and this book attempts to live up to that statement, and does so stunning beauty, ferocious intrigue and a hope for the future.