Every month Solace Winter tallies the predictions that members of the WWE Universe send to her.  Then I give you a percentage and the whole lot of you run off to Vegas and place your bets.  Lets get into it!

Who will be the United States champion at the end of tonight?  87 wrestling fans out of 120 think it will be the reigning champion, Antonio Cesaro.  That’s 73%!

The rest come in like this, 15 think whoever wins the Battle Royal will also win the title, that’s 13%.  6 fans pick Ryback for 5%.  Three others  at 3% see Wade Barrett keeping the US title out of the US.

Two have Brodus Clay.  Another two see Zack Ryder winning.  And only two see the title returning to Santino.  Each of them take up 2% of the votes.

One each for Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger and the Undertaker, all of that for 1%.

To win money I’d bet against the sure thing Antonio Cesaro.

Who will be in this battle royal?

Tyson Kidd with 16.

Santino Marella with 26.

Zack Ryder with 23.

Ryback with 11.

Justin Gabriel with 3.

Brodus Clay has 8.

Ted DiBiase is at 3.

Damien Sandow is also at 3.

Heath Slater 3-peats.

Wade Barrett is at 7.

Christian has 6.

JTG at 1.

David Otunga at 1.

Seth Rollins also with 1.

Jack Swagger is the loneliest number.

Undertaker is the 1 outlaw.
We also only have one fan each for Derrick Bateman, Even Bourne, Mark Henry, Hunico, and Drew McIntyre.  Any one of these fans could run away with a win here.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton is at 71 for Zigs and 49 for Orton.  That’s 59% for the Show Off.

Miz is expected to retain with 91 fans for 76%.  Then we have Cody with 16 fans, or 13%.  Rey has an 8% chance according to 9 fans. Finally Sin Cara with 4 fans for 3%.

Sheamus has 82 of the fans for 68% and only 37 fans think Del Rio can win.  Also one fan guessing no contest.

Kane and Daniel Bryan will probably have tag titles, according to 105 fans for a whopping 88%.  Only 14 fans think the champs retain with one no contest.

Layla has 73 loyal fans, Katilyn with 44 fans and what is Eve doing in here with 3 fans.  That’s 61% for Layla, 37% for Kaitlin and this odd 3% for Eve.

CM Punk has 93 fans to John Cena’s lesser 27 fans.  That’s 78% to Cena’s 23% (rounding messes up my numbers).

I’m shocked no one has Dolph Ziggler cashing in.


Best of luck to all!