REGALSAYS:I swear this movie was funded by illegally got funds that needed to ‘disappear’ quickly. There is no possible WAY that anyone financed this cos they thought it was a good movie.

On the plus side it shows furthermore that one day some average joe might make a horror movie from nowhere cos apparently this no talent hack can.

The movie was the absolute shits and I have no clue still to the plot.
FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Almost two hours? Damn.

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Lil Jimmy got okie doked!

BrooklynBrawla da video & sound are off. this is already starting off badly.#HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth “Jay Reso”? As in Christian? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa Mercedes McNab. Sounds like a porn actress name. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Mabel? You mean Big Daddy V is in this too?!

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror It’s almost time for the Killswitch!!!

BrooklynBrawla mabel? his name is viscera now. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Shut up doc and take your clothes off. The movie needs to start already!

MrsZigglesworth Is bad lighting required for asylum movies? #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth Kane’s not in this movie too, is he? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Woodcutter? It’s Gimli! Look even has his Ax hidden under his coat!

TheSupremeForce From now on, all #HashtagHorror movies should feature LotR and WWE cast mash ups.

MrsZigglesworth The fuck kind of childhood did you have, dude? #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror I vote for Aragorn vs Wade.


TheSupremeForce Gollum ain’t got no cuts. RT @FamousPlewa@TheSupremeForceFirst up. Titus O’Neill vs. Gollum. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla why does this guy have a line shaved in his eyebrow? i hate him already. #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth Maybe if you stop shining red in Hulk’s face it might work.#HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror When does Test hit Christian with the Big Boot?

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror NOT GIMLI!!!

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror NOT GIMLI!

MrsZigglesworth The lighting/flashbacks/sound on this movie sucks so much I have no idea what happened. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla the wolf was harold? it must’ve been that trust fall exercise that drove him to it. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Shot in the throat. I’m guessing he can’t write “I’M INNOCENT.” on a bit of paper?

TheSupremeForce With a LotR villain? RT @SolaceWinter: I think WWE should pick up a buddy cop show with Edge and Christian. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I… Hate this movie thus far. Crap sound, lighting and they killed off Gimli.

MrsZigglesworth I have no idea where I remember her from. #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth Super professional talk going on here! #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Is this a Canadian asylum?

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I guess rich boy here could cast himself in the lead role despite being a terrible fucking actor.

MrsZigglesworth Christian as a detective. *hurries to find fan fiction* #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth Johnny, if you hurt “Pete” I hurt you. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla this movie makes me want to take a nap. #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth Everyone loves the guy who psycho-analyzes your co-workers.#HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth That’s what a split does, Johnny, you dumb-fuck horrible actor.#HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth Life-size Jesus? That’s not creepy at all. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa@TheSupremeForce: Is he giving us the worst acting in#HashtagHorror history?”This guy makes the family in TerrorVision the Coppolas.

MrsZigglesworth Perfect. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror How the FUCK are they stretching this shit over two hours?

TheSupremeForce So much for my only shot at being a star. RT @SolaceWinter: If you write a movie, do us all a favor, DO NOT star in it. #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth How can you tell the power’s off, anyway? #HashtagHorror


MrsZigglesworth This is a horror movie, so taking off my clothing for “Pete” would just go along the lines of a typical horror film then? #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth He doesn’t like red. *stays in Santa suit* #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Not just a crappy writer but he goes down the cliched route of killing the black guy first

MrsZigglesworth What’s the obsession with chicken, anyway? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Big Momma Mabel: “DATS MY CHICKEN, BOY!”

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Why hasn’t that guy co-starred with Kristen Stewart yet??

MrsZigglesworth So, Christian should probably use the spear over the Killswitch. He’ll fail to land it & get RKO’d “out of nowhere”. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror If Homer Simpson didn’t already send Frank Grimes insane… Then this movie would do the trick. One hour in this movie.

MrsZigglesworth Speaking of local authorities, no one wants to use a cell phone now? Seems like a good time. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Meet No. 57 on Sheldon Cooper’s enemy list. The douchebag who wrote and stars in this movie.

MrsZigglesworth FUCK OFF MABEL! #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Will to keep suffering… falling.

MrsZigglesworth *sigh* STUPID STUPID MOVIE! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa And @MrsZigglesworth has just flipped. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla this is like 13 ghosts, if 13 ghosts was absolute garbage.#HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I’ve seen bigger, nastier cuts on a four year old.

FamousPlewa@SolaceWinter: I’ve seen better cuts on Big Zeke. #HashtagHorror” Heyooo!

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror That’s not the woman from the Popeyes commercials…

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror This is pretty close to what’s happening to Christian’s career.

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Failure to even shock or be edgy with this scene.

MrsZigglesworth And that.. was oddly more watchable than watching Mabel pull Christian apart. #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth The only one that’s not gonna die is the horrible actor, right?#HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth So serious business horror movie become scary version of Harry & the Hendersons? #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror This movie might kill me.

MrsZigglesworth Can’t believe @Rhianamator isn’t watching this. I have to do all of her perving on Christian for her! #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth No one took away this guy’s Let’s Get Crazy outfit? #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth When did they put Christopher Lloyd in the nut house?#HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth “Hero means business” scene about to go down. Expect explosions & Johnny walking through fire. #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Gollum vs Buttermouth would have been a better movie.

MrsZigglesworth SLEEPER HOLD! VINTAGE MANKIND! #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth I think @SolaceWinter might be dancing now. #HashtagHorror

MrsZigglesworth YOU HAVE BEEN RUSSO’D! #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla this movie. this movie right here. it’s just. it’s so. this movie.#HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror 1 hour 40 mins. Missed the mark cos I’ll be damned if I’m sitting here watching this bullshit on an empty stomach

MrsZigglesworth Oh just end this shit already, please. #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Wow…

MrsZigglesworth This gets a star because of Christian. Otherwise, it was a genuinely awful piece of crap. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla i just sat through medium raw, @Christian4Peeps. it’s a good thing you know how to wrestle, because you make a horrible casserole.