REGALSAYS: Ah the 90’s. a 90’s movie featuring 90’s cast in a movie of an old tv show. 

Surprisingly good if you ask me. Now to find episodes of the tv show… If I can.

jmt5887 it’s time for probably the most creepy part of the show the opening. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla time for some more #HashtagHorror, this time it’s Demon Knight. this is actually one of my favorites.

ZigglersQueen81 That laugh! Spooky #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla bewbs. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Big fake boobs! #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS Slutbag murderer in the tub, I used to call the skeleton, “Girl with the cracked head” yeah, use to think it was a gal. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Oh this is a bad movie inside a bad movie. LOL! #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Lights camera action! #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Oh Billy Zane? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 remember kids don’t drink and drive. And don’t race demon cars either #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla i wish @HBO would bring back tales from da crypt. i remember people sitting around talking about it da night after. #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd What a great intro! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Out of gas. I can’t run so I’ll fight with a shotgun. Brilliant thinking. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 No you can’t see out that back window….and your out of gas #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Nothing wrong with a weird tattoo on my hand at all and I just survived a firey wreck unharmed. but no reason to be alarmed.#HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS Haha John Schuck …just ONE letter away from SCHMUCK#HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Guy: I’m glad he ran so I don’t have to act like a tough guy but get my ass kicked in front of my kid and wife. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla i’m just testing da lock. want a shiny new quarter? is it just me or did that take a rather dark turn. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 It’s too late to give em a ticket but you can shoot their asses #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Why it’s Cal Hockley!

jmt5887 Random Lighting. That can’t be good. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 It’s random black people. one of them will die. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That look was so I wish I wasn’t making this movie. can I do anything else please? #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla aint da only job in town? there’s only 8 people in town. what jobs could there possibly be?!? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Not the name tag!

ZigglersQueen81 She’s giving out freebies! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 OMG Ketchup? Really, Really? Really!? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror You gotta be a right fuck up to lose the postman job in a town that small.

BrooklynBrawla poor cleo. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 but she also meant you as well. No sitting on a black woman’s table. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Never seen a woman jump so face when someone says “get that pussy off the table” #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS  “Goddammit! Get that pussy of the table!” ::Cordielia hops off:: “I meant the cat!” #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Hawaiian shirt and leather jacket. A staple of the 90’s!

ZigglersQueen81 How many guys will she bang by the end of this? #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla for those who dont know, wally is da voice of both da crypt keeper & roger rabbit. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I’d be disturbed listening to that too. You don’t want to mess with that woman she’ll cut something. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Mr. Hockley is one hot cowboy. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 talk about being wired up for sex  #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Cooking his nipples….looks painful #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 It’s The Key! #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Thunder and lightning……#HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS That is NOT something one man should say to another man! Even if you are arresting him!!! “SPREAD EM’!” #HashtagHorror

jmt5887#RussoSwerve The Cowboy just went insane and killed a cop. He’s the bad guy. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 A fist thru the face will always wake you up. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita lol omg #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror if it bleeds, we can kill it.

ZigglersQueen81 You may wanna get that hand looked at. Green goo coming out of it isn’t good. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita If only green mist did that in the ring. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Leftover slime from Nickelodeon was used. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Demon babies #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd Great music for spawning evil. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror He’d make a fortune selling that shit as home security.

BrooklynBrawla he put a seal on da doors & windows… so why aren’t they breaking through da walls? #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 He wants to make sure his hooker is safe #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The Cat is outside. I don’t see this ending well and @SolaceWinter getting pissed. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Random window with a cross on it #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd Trapped souls and magical keys reminds me of Skyrim. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Poor kitty! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror doing that cost you an arm and a leg! Or… Just the arm.

BrooklynBrawla excuse me ma’am, can you lend me a hand? #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Did she lose an arm, giving birth or having sex? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That girl needs a hand. sad #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Don’t fuck with him, Sandman. Boy fuck yo shit up good!

jmt5887 Rule #1 never split up. already failed. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 You idiot. you just broke the seal. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 Bet that kid wants that quarter now #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 “You broke the seal” #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror uhh so the kids not a girl?

jmt5887 The little girl isn’t a demon. Yay! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Random flashback revealing the importance of the seal.#HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla can someone get eyes on da wild cougar that keeps yelling? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Sit around folks it’s story time! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Yes lady that is jesus’s blood inside the key. #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd Demons have 6 keys humans have 1. Good job humanity.#HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Another possesion. this time by use of bribery. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Never make a deal with a Demon. it doesn’t end well. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 The child has come up missing, who’d a thunked it #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror “You let me in, I’ll let you out!”

jmt5887 Creepy little boys shouldn’t have long hair that makes them look like creepy little girls. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror that poor bastard has had a hard time. Attacked by gremlins and a terminator.

BrooklynBrawla more bewbs. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Willie is in paradise before he dies. and with a boner too. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Now The Collector KNOWS how to get a guy to do his bidding! I’ll let them in, Collector!

jmt5887 Who would have thought a half hour left in the movie the sheriff would still be alive #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Willie will never get a head in life after that. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla that willie has got a hell of a good head on his shou… nevermind. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 if it makes you feel good do it. so that’s why you had the battery strapped to you. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Rule #2 Never make a Deal with a Demon. It just doesn’t go well. #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd Heel turn. Working w/ the dark side and gets attacked anyway. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I wonder if Will Smith brings this movie up to Jada now and again

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror You always were an asshole, Gorman.

jmt5887 That is not a good sign when a comic book comes to life #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror little he/she makes panther noises.

jmt5887 The Boy blew up. at least there is no more creepy questions with it. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 and now we pass on to another protector. and the cycle continues.#HashtagHorror

jmt5887  Yes demon Breaker is dead. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Suddenly I’m reminded of G.I. Jane here. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I’ve never seen a shower rinse blood off so well!

jmt5887 Random Dancing with the bad guy. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Love not a demon emotion expressed easily #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror The Tensai mist spit works wonders!

jmt5887 The Demon just spontaneously combusted and died. The explosion was early. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita That’ll learn ya! #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla poor billy zane. he said he llllllu her, and that’s how she reacts?#HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The next collector is black. just because the protector is black?#HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Final cut bad joke. at least it wasn’t the Big Show’s version.#HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd Ha Final cut. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That wasn’t a too bad movie. glad I participated in #HashtagHorror this week.

FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Had to admit I enjoyed that campy but of fun!