REGALSAYS:Did Kevin Costner think he reached Mel Gibson status that he had to accept this movie?! Indian burial ground bullshit. Bastardising horror movies since the Indians were blamed for Poltergeist. Now in this movie they imply getting a girl pregnant with demons or something.

stateofthelinds I actually remembered #hashtaghorror WIN!


stateofthelinds This has Kevin Costner in it? How can it be worse then Waterworld?!#hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Nature opening. Lots and lots of random nature. Very pretty #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS is it just me, or did that huge effing toad in the very beginning gross anyone else out? #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds I would just like to take this moment to say that I love doing twitter activities with people! #hashtaghorror rocks.

jmt5887 Kevin Cosner is really smacking himself there because at this point he realizes what a terrible mistake he has made with this #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla another saturday, another craptacular movie. #HashtagHorror oh kevin costner, why won’t you quit already?

jmt5887 it’s a kitty cat! I know @SolaceWinter loved that. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa Seems there is a cat. Which puts @SolaceWinter on edge incase anything happens to it. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Oh fuck, Kevin Costner.. this is not looking good. #IKnowNothingAboutThisMovie  #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS #hashtaghorror new houses always spell TROUBLE

stateofthelinds Creepy window. Wanna be the daughter crawls out of it or is thrown out of it later? #hashtaghorror

Rhiannamator Oh, a hidey-hole in the bedroom. Those are never good in horror movies.  #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa How can you not want Kevin Costner as a dad? He’s the future Jonathan Kent, bitch! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The Therapy is for recovering from making this movie. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Over acting, but with so little facial expression. Kevin Costner is like Keanu Reeve’s acting father. #hashtaghorror

Rhiannamator Hey, that’s the half-demon kid from Supernatural. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Kid, that painting is terrible, don’t you know you need to very your line quality and better balance the negative space?! #hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #hashtaghorror Kevin Costner must have thought this movie would revive his career like The Sixth Sense done for Bruce Willis.

stateofthelinds Wait, when did this movie turn into Signs?! #creepythingontheroof#getaglassofwater #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds This segment with the gun and the little kid is NRA Approved #hashtaghorror

Rhiannamator Looks like my word docs. #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 WOW the boy found a shotgun. and was pointing it at the girl. Maybe he hates her. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Cause that is where I keep my shotgun! In the piano… #hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Triple H digging up a new spot for his next burial.

stateofthelinds Wait…he’s BURYING the gun? Couldn’t just put it in a locked closet? #hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror What?! How dare you disturb nap time?! Where’s my sharp sticks…

stateofthelinds MARMALADE?! I mean, REALLY? That poor cat. She will never live that name down. #hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror ANDERRRSON.

jmt5887 Mommy loves you but not enough to be in this movie. She’s the lucky one. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Hey, It was YOUR cat you brat. You find it.

jmt5887 The cat has disappeared. 😦 Stupid name though. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Kevin Costner. Trying to prove he can act like a regular guy shopping.

Rhiannamator I love watching horror movies with wrestling fans. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 There’s the bitch in the classroom right there. didn’t was any time. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Lil baby’s not gonna cry, but she should smack a hoe! #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Kitty kibble #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds I really didn’t need to know this much about ants. #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds NO! CREEPY DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS that creature on the roof was creepy #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds Wait, can she stop for a second so I can photograph that doll for my new painting series….? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 OMG not that cat! Why did they have to kill the cat off and like that. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Did he really need his glasses to be sure the cat was dead?#HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla lost interest. rummaging for food. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator I wish my kid told me that much about his school. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Is this the actress (playing the teenager) who was in Pan’s Labyrinth? If so, she should have stuck to movies in spanish… #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS #hashtaghorror creepy mist…foreshadowing much?

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Louisa, you answer yo daddy the first time. Don’t make me come looking for yo ass!

Rhiannamator Bitch, shut the door behind you. Were you born in a barn? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 poor girl she’s covered in mud and blood. something bad happened while she was napping on that hill in the meadow. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Kevin Costner: The fuck happened here? Why is the bath so dirty?!

MiaaBonita Once you’ve seen one… #CalltheExterminator #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Molly. A popular member if the Lee Ray doll killers.

stateofthelinds SHE’s GONNA PUSH HER DOWN THE STAIRS. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Not paying a ton of attention because nothing is happening. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror you pregnant?!

Rhiannamator She is the ugliest teen Queen Bitch i’ve ever seen. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Mark out moment for Dexter’s Laboratory! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Dexters Lab! Before there was Dexter Morgan there was this ginger Lil dude!

jmt5887 Dexter’s Laboratory! OMG that brings back memories! #MarkoutMoment #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 nothing creepy about a 50+ year old man carrying a teenager. Nothing at all. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Wait.. doesn’t her brother have dark hair too? How does that mean she’s adopted? #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds I never understand why, when something freaky happens when ppl move into a house in the movies that they just don’t move out. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla drawer full of spiders? burn down da whole house. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator He better have the porn filter on if he’s gonna search “crazy daughter.” #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Or “strange mounds” for that matter. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Its the hormones in the milk. Go organic, thatll fix her right up. #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS how the hell can this guy tell if his daughter is acting strange? I mean, seriously #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds MOUND WALKERS?! I mean REALLY?! There has got to be a porn with that title… #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Oh yeah the teacher knows her stuff (!)

BrooklynBrawla all these muddy footprints leads me to believe hillbilly jim is squatting somewhere in that house. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita The spiders had an ant buffet. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror you better not be this bland as Jonathan Kent, Costner. Superman needs wisdom human guidance.

MakeupBySamS Louisa is eating like an animal #hashtaghorror

MiaaBonita Looks like Ive found my next tattoo design! #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Oh, I see. The only art in the place is a poster by Van Gogh. Who was crazy. This movie is very literal. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla bowl full of cookie dough. this kid might not be so bad. #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS this websearch brought to you by, “Bad parenting, lame dad, crappy dad and mound, strange” #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 your precious little girl is no more. you should have used google kevin much faster. #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS “that scientist doesnt look crazy at all…nope…#totallylegit#hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror is this the Blair Witch’s weekend place?

stateofthelinds I hate to quote Toby Keith, but I need a little less talk and a lot more action please. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Guy looks like a homeless Nick Nolte. But Nick Nolte looks like that when he has a home.

MakeupBySamS creepy grieving old dude, yep… #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds this is the point in the movie where they reiterate everything up until this point making the first hour totally pointless. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator “Have you been outside?” No, girl is covered in dirt from playing video games. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla even da worst thing? is costner about to job to me? #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator LOL, closed captioning just said “BANG [squish]” #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS I just heard a creepy howl…i think i’ll go see what it was! #HASHTAGHORROR

jmt5887 you might want to fear for your life miss babysitter. that girl is evil #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror well that babysitter isn’t getting her $5 babysitter fee!

MakeupBySamS Well if that wasnt a scene stolen from signs, i dont know what is…now get back to your car, Fucker! #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 I will miss you miss babysitter. RIP Victim #1 #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator How is he not taking his daughter to the doctor for those things on her neck? #ParentingFail #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 You should go get that rash checked out on your back. it might come back to haunt you. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror She’s sitting Punk Indian style. Geddit?!

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Professors TA? Is that the only T and A we gonna get in this movie?!

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Officer Lowrey? Mike Lowwwwwrey?

MiaaBonita The ant metaphor is making me itch. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 so the Daughter has become the Queen ant. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Really going for subtlety with the ant thing, huh? #Sarcasm #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds another Signs ripoff. #hashtaghorror

MakeupBySamS where is hell is the “thriller” part to this movie?! #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds FEED ME!!!!!!!!!! Shit, was Ryback cast in this movie?! It’s pretty good for WWE productions ha ha #HashTagHorror

Rhiannamator Hey Costner, check out your daughter’s bf! Ain’t he cute? #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds REALLY?! That is the monster? I see scarier on Toddlers and Tiaras#HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator How i wish.. RT @FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror *glass breaks* Stone Cold is here to hand out stunners and save the day!

MiaaBonita If only he’d called the exterminator earlier.. This guy’s pest problem is way out of hand. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror The mom don’t give a shit!

Rhiannamator Always with the creepy fucking sock monkey in these movies..#HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita The police are busy getting eaten alive, doubt they have time to make a phone call. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror That red flare gives off the impression that ET is gonna jump him.

jmt5887 Noooo!!!! the love interest is dead!. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator This movie could srsly be a half hour long. There’s a fine line btwn suspense & boredom, & they done crossed it. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla is this movie gonna address what happened to da cookies da babysitter made, or not?!? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror See what playing the mould gets you, brat?! Listen to your pop, kids!

MakeupBySamS finally some action#hashtaghorror

Rhiannamator Cuz little kids stand around holding family portraits all the time.#HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita No words. lol #HashtagHorror

MakeupBySamS uhm,,,thats it? well that was like the worlds biggest fuck you ending….#hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds I blinked and missed the end. Literally. What happened?#HashtagHorror

jmt5887 wait that was the end? What a fucked up ending. I guess they were hoping for a sequel. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Welp, that was an ending. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That was a very terrible movie. If I hadn’t seen Dredd It would have ruined my mood. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Still watching the credits roll in awe of how it took so many people to create THAT. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla what a heaping pile of shit. if your friends ever say “hey come watch da new daughter” they aren’t really your friends.#HashtagHorror