From Image Comics, Jay Faerber, Koray Kuranel, and Charles Pritchett.

From the mind of Jay Faerber, acclaimed creator of the outstanding Near Death comic from Image and various DC and Marvel titles, as well as the CW’s sadly missed Ringer, comes a new creator owned title. Point of Impact, as revealed in an inclusive essay, is Faerber’s tribute to the short lived NBC high-concept crime show, Boomtown. Often involving multiple POV’s, characters in shades of gray, and outstanding acting, Faerber brings that to the table here, in a medium that is not overrun by the endless amount of  police procedural archetypes out there.

Point of Impact begins with a murder; a female lands on a car with the occupants still inside. From there, the story weaves through the lives of a reporter, two beat cops, a robber whose interests include a laptop with some interesting, as yet known information on it, and a mysterious lover. As the story jumps from the differing view points, it never confuses the reader or bogs down the story. It manages to  tie up all the necessary loose ends; it answers enough questions to be able to move forward, or at least give the impression that it has answered them. Part of the fun of a series like this is to see how greatly misinformation can be used to advance a plot or story arc.

By the end of the issue, Faerber and co. have created a unique crime story, with a little noir, and a sort of throw back style that pays tribute to one of Television’s long lost and relatively unknown series. Point of Impact has endless room to grow, and explore limitless avenues and in the right hands (which I think they’re in), will dazzle and become a reliable monthly title from Image Comics.