Single Review: “1804” by Blayer Pointdujour & The Rockers Galore featuring Joe Jordan

Every now and then, those of us at Team Hellions are treated to some music from up and coming artists. This week it’s a track from Blayer Pointdujour & the Rockers Galore entitled “1804” off their up and coming album The Bull.

The Rockers Galore is a Pennsylvania band that formed in 2008 and is headed up by multi-instrumentalist Blayer Pointdujour. Blending together Rock, Reggae, and Hip-Hop, the band released their debut EP in 2011 entitled “Port Au Prince” through Philebrity Records. “Port Au Prince” is a politically fueled, raggae infused, 4 track EP that presents the band in the perfect little bite size form. “Iron Dread” is a great reminder of how the past can be repeated, and that the chains that were once worn can be reapplied. The EP also contains one of the band’s most radio friendly track, “The Gunz of Philly.”

The Rockers Galore are back with their latest release, The Bull, out now through iTunes and SoundCloud. The first single, “1804,” is a moody, rock infused track about Haiti’s independence and where Blayer finds himself today connecting with the past. The track beings with a horn sample from The Skatalites’ song “Rock Fort Rocks.” The horns fly alongside a soaring rock infused guitar riff; the pair compliment each other very well, as the majority of the track is sustained with a sinister bass line to tell the “greatest story never told.” It all leads up into explosive choruses and thought provoking lyrics, for a band with a statement that they’re not afraid to make.

The Rockers Galore’s approach to songwriting is nice and ripe. They may not be the first to infuse styles like this, but that doesn’t take away from their talent or their spectacular songwriting. This is an important band, one that knows that the past isn’t as far off as we may think, and that the future can be just as bleak at moments. But the music is the hope, and hope never sounded better.

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