I received an ARC copy of this novel and I was hooked. This is erotica the way erotica should actually be written. It’s hot. There were moments I had to put it down because it actually affected my body to read it. Vance’s storytelling is a great balance between story and sex. The sex is hot, the story is deeper than you would expect. Perhaps it is not the most surprising thing you will ever read, but it is not supposed to be. But it is meant to hook you, and it does just that. There is a certain… violation element to it. It is not rape, no one in this novel would dare say no, but it is a story about a woman taking the bodies of other women to have sex.

Strong characters, believe it or not, that are not perfect in any way. It makes it all the more intriguing because while you feel sorry for Lydia you can also see why certain aspects are happening to her. And it does make you wonder about her as well.

Reasons to Read:

– Incredibly hot

– Great characters

– Great plot

Reasons Not To Read:

– You might have possible violation issues

– If you have a hard time suspending belief it won’t work for you