From Greg Pak, Tony Parker, David Curiel, Josh Reed and Aspen Comics.

Sam Tinker is stuck in hell and trying to find his sister in order to save her.  He meets some interesting characters along the way.  Sure, this seems like an easy and simple concept.  If you agree then you have not read Dead Man’s Run, because it is anything but simple.

This is the ultimate anti hero book (in the good way, not in the gimmick cover 1990s way).  No matter how great any character is, no matter how much you want to love them, the fact is this story takes place in hell and each and every one of them is in hell for a reason.  Every one of them has blood on their hands.  Quite literally by the end of the issue.

This is the Rowdy Roddy Piper of comic books.  The bad guy that you love.  The man who changes the questions once you think you have all the answers.  Scenes and ideas that excited me last issue escalate here in the third.  Concepts I thought I had all figured out are turned in ways I never saw coming.  The Warden. The chains. Gold.  What is actually happening is miles ahead of what I thought was happening and it results in even more awe for this comic book than I already had.

Its the best collection of liars, murderers and thieves you’ve ever seen, and only three issues in.  Dead Man’s Run is going to shock and surprise even the most jaded comic readers.  This title comes with Team Hellions’ highest recommendation.