REGALSAYS: On paper this movie might seem witty with it breaking the fourth wall and poking fun at itself but in reality it doesn’t pay off.

Seems George Clooney must get the butt end of all the jokes with this on Ocean’s movie sets. But Brad Pitt can’t talk after all… Check out his guest spot on Freddy’s Nightmares.

stateofthelinds Waiting patiently to push #play #HashTagHorror

stateofthelinds By the looks of the trailer, this movie is going to be worse than#TheToxicAvenger and that’s saying something #HashTagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Killer Tomatoes? Anyone have an idea what this movies about?

ZigglersQueen81 70’s style game show music! #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Wow, that is a lot of entries #NOT #yesijustwentthere#HashTagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror This would be @SolaceWinter‘s PPV predictions if it wasn’t successful.

JakeGronie One dollar movie? I think I overpaid. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror are we play PeeWee’s playhouse? The secret word is “the”

stateofthelinds PeeWee is going to come and beat you up for stealing his word of the day schtick #HashTagHorror

JakeGronie Secert word? Reminds me of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds “Ive got nothing to do but get my rocks off” did I hear that right? #HashTagHorror

JoeBewick When does that guy get mutilated by a killer tomato? #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Sideboob FTW! #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror I’m already confused, from a game show, to a beach, now a lab?

sXe_Edd I liked the sound of that one better. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick So that’s how they make Toffee Apples… #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator I think this is the movie that my husband’s cousin is in. He’s got Olympic gold medals for swimming. #SteveLundquist #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds GEORGE CLOONEY?! #HashTagHorror

JakeGronie Geroge Clooney is in this? That was unexpected. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Haha, and George Clooney disgraces his filmography with a film that has the worst theme song I’ve ever heard. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror The infamous time of George Clooney’s life where he slept on a floor and took any job.

JakeGronie My only remembrance of this franchise is the Fox Saturday mourning cartoon. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator It’s tough for pizza joints when tomatoes are banned. RT@stateofthelinds: raspberry jam calzone? Is that REALLY necessary?#HashTagHorror

Kristoffrable This is a movie about Tony Shiavone’s life, right? No scratch that, he’s never interacted with a chick that hot. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick St-stop trying to be funny. Please. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds “What do you and the professor so up here” Ummm. DUH.#HashTagHorror

JoeBewick Tara looks like my cat. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable So this is where Kristen Stewart got her acting experience from. At least one expression here, is hot to keep looking at. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator “They are gardener & carpenters. They are not tomato men.” She is an excellent liar. #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd That theme was awesome. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable And who shows up but Rambohulk! Don’t fuck with the Ramhulk! #HashtagHorror


Kristoffrable There is nobody that will make me believe that Clooney knows how to throw a pizza. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie When you outlaw tomatoes, only outlaws have tomatoes.#HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Clooney pulling double duty. Apparently he makes a mean tex mex pizza

sXe_Edd The “great” Tomato war… I question how great that really was. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Gangrene…bad apple…what the fuck movie are we watching. What paradox have I fallen in? #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick The Great Tomato War? Imagine me saying this in my British accent. ‘The Great To-marto War’. It sounds even more ridiculous. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Guy is talking to no one. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable They went too far by taking Baltimore! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror it’s amazing how NYC looks strikingly like San Francisco.

JakeGronie Was that Cleveland saying “tomato?” #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable I don’t know why, but everybody in this movie just looks like Tony Schiavone to me. Oh God, that is a horror! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror is that the Pete Rose chicken in the crowd?

stateofthelinds Please don’t play Pubery Love. Please? #HashTagHorror

Kristoffrable The press secretary to the United States looks like a guido? Go fuck yourself. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Puberty Love, aka my right hand. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick So…..any doggies? Any doggies at all? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Harvey Dent: The lost preppy years.

Kristoffrable She’ll never know what it means to be loved? Well then come on over, I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror this guy with the blond hair reminds me of Steve Austin…….

Kristoffrable So is this the audition tape that Harvey Dent filmed to try to get on Saved by the Bell? That Igor bit was too much man. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Does Rob Lowe have any sports tips in this? #HashtagHorror


stateofthelinds I don’t know if I would be referring to your penis as a “second place prize”… #HashTagHorror

Kristoffrable Why does George Clooney look like Mick Foley in this movie?#HashtagHorror

JakeGronie It’s the tomato version of Gizmo. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Oh shit, that furry thing is a tomato? I thought it was a strawberry?#HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds It sounds like he wants to have a “Master Stroke” with his pizza.#HashTagHorror

JoeBewick FT IS ADORABLE! #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Why don’t they just use ranch or a white creme sauce for the pizzas instead of jam? #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Did…did he just make a holocaust joke? #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie He just jizzed in his pants. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable So chick throws herself at this guy and he resists. Sadly, this sounds like my high school years.  #StillKickingMyself  #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror raise of hands, how many guys would really turn done a blow job!

stateofthelinds If a hot girl came up to me & said have sex I wouldn’t cover her up and ask her if she’s feeling OK. Id say YES! & Im not gay#HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator “Can i cook you something? How about a blow job, maybe iron your pants?” The guy said NO.  #Wrong  #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Trust me kid, she’s a keeper. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Dude, how do you pass up a blow job and an ironing of your pants from Kelly Kapowski? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Typical Clooney. Walking into situations like that.

JakeGronie Don’t show posters for good movies in the middle of you’re bad movie. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick He was totally killing the tomato. #HashtagHorror #HashtagInnuendo

Kristoffrable She asks you if you enjoyed the sex and all you can say is sure? This has Tony Shiavone all over it! #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Talk nerdy to me! #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Dude, if he doesn’t want this chick, i’ll take her. Even if she is a tomato. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie I love Beer brand beer! #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Okay, can I just have this woman? She cooks AND cleans.#INeedAHouseWife and #toast  #HashTagHorror

Rhiannamator A cloud jockey. I like that, i’m keeping it. #HashtagHorror


JakeGronie She’s going to blow up the OK City federal building? #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror my face hurts from all the smiling this guy is doing

Kristoffrable Figures that they’re good at washing golf balls in this prison.#HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to make this film 1 hour and 40 minutes long? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable So, what kind of Frankie sing-a-like did they get for this?#HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror she wants a toaster or a ring?!?!?

JoeBewick That mime is the scariest part of the movie so far. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds TOUCH ME THERE. Someone please tell me this is Richard Cheese#HashTagHorror

Kristoffrable This woman can’t be real, she has to be a cybernetic organism.#HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd These songs. lol #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable You have salt, in a container, on a rope. I’m pretty sure my sanity is hanging on to something similar. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror eesa bad I-talian stereotype.

JoeBewick Is that the Godfather theme? #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds I was going to be good and just sip some tea. But this movie requires wine. #HashTagHorror

JakeGronie Tomato rights now! #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable How are these people able to afford these clothes…on a pizza employee salary?  #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds The really hefty waiter just suggested that the 90lb girl (10lbs of it is hairspray) is fat? Ummm…. #HashTagHorror

JoeBewick I’m going to struggle to get through this… #HashtagHorror

fritobandit Better dead the red #HashtagHorror


Rhiannamator Wait.. the waiter offered a chili dog.. isn’t chili tomato-based?#HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable If there is one thing about this movie, its that it doesn’t take itself seriously, and I’ve got a thing for this chick. #HashtagHorror

fritobandit He must work for Fox News #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Hahaha, I assume this is where WWE’s B.A. Star campaign sprung from. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds I can now see where Matt Lauer learned his interviewing skills#HashtagHorror

JakeGronie That newsman is awesome. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Fuck off newsman, stop making me laugh. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror I hope they eat all that toast……..

stateofthelinds I hate the grateful dead #HashtagHorror


ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror a chocolate dipped FT

fritobandit FT is like a tiny red cousin It #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Seriously though, FT is the most adorable thing #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable How did this professor get so many RamboHulks for this movie? #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator You should listen to George Clooney. He knows what he’s talking about. #HashtagHorror

fritobandit Product placement #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie George Cloney is an adverting innovator. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator FUCK THE FOURTH WALL #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Clooney, you bastard. I now want a Pepsi and a Crunch bar.

JoeBewick Yes, I have a man crush on a fuzzy tomato. Why don’t you?#HashtagHorror

fritobandit George Clooney missed a career in commercials #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror Pepsi, crunch bar….corn flakes…FT is the ugliest red dog I’ve ever seen

Kristoffrable Everybody likes Kung Fu Fighting? #HashtagHorror

fritobandit Ninjas! #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Didn’t expect a Momar Qaddafi reference. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie He was abducted by ninjas! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror looks like the same ninjas who kidnapped Samoa Joe

fritobandit But a tomato is a fruit so why isn’t the FFI investigating instead?#HashtagHorror

JakeGronie That’s some nice 80s synth right there. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Holy shit! This has a 4.9 at imdb but sadly 0% on rotten tomatoes. It appears that tomatoes just can’t catch a break. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror poor FT!


stateofthelinds His ideal woman is a tomato. I’ve heard worse #HashTagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror she is NOT a veggie, she’s a fruit!!!! Ugh

fritobandit “A compass,a sail and a couple sidewinder missiles.” #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Was that Jack Black? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable And definitely, the award to the hottest chick in the worst movie would go to Karen Waldron. Can’t. Stop. Drooling. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Ray… When a hot chick asks you if you’re Rob Lowe… You say YES!!

Kristoffrable Rob Lowe? Are you kidding me? That’s Tony Schiavone bitch! You better recognize! #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick You know what’s a good movie? Youngblood. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable This is the best thing to happen to #HashtagHorror since Troll Hunter. Who ever picked this, you are a God send! #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Science! #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick Guys, do you think I’ll miss anything if I go get Scooby Snacks?#hashtaghorror

JoeBewick That wasn’t FT was it?????????? #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator “Guest room is a euphemism for dungeon, chowderhead!” I must remember this.. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror can that machine make me a copy of Paige?

Rhiannamator Use Edge’s entrance theme.RT @ZigglersQueen81#HashtagHorror can I have one of these machines? I need to turn a tomato into the perfect man

Kristoffrable That’s probably the only time in history that George Clooney was ever shot down for a threesome. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror FT is the smartest tomato ever


sXe_Edd FT is gonna save the world. Legit. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds A tomato can drive a 4 wheeler? Sigh. #HashtagHorror


stateofthelinds “You wouldn’t believe what she can do with 6 milk bottles and a tuning fork” make cheese? #HashTagHorror

Rhiannamator “I made her for my needs! You wouldn’t believe what she can do with 6 milk bottles & a tuning fork.” You’re probably right. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds I may love that teddy bear that says “Mount me” #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator I want a teddy bear that screams “Murder!” #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick I laughed too much at that teddy bear. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Holy crap Clooney. This is a far cry from Stacy Kiebler#HashtagHorror

JakeGronie That’s how you use time outs Andy Reid. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashTagHorror give Clooney the blonde!

JakeGronie George Clooney is forever alone 😦 #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita Not killer ketchup! #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror tomatoes who turn into army men! Me likey

Rhiannamator We all need a little fuzzy tomato to throw things into chaos once in a while. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick FT is a hero. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror the secret work was “the”

Kristoffrable Damn, this Professor could have played Dr. Wiley if they ever did a live action Mega Man movie. #0HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita This would’ve been an awesome video game for the NES#HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator “Notice how everything we set up in the 1st reel pays off in the last?” Then where are the naked beach babes? #HashtagHorror

sXe_Edd “Not everything” “Everything.” Ha #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds THE GAS CURED HER! #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Its like the Village people and a tomato… #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita #HashtagHorror lol not everything pays off except Clooney’s spectacular mullet!

JakeGronie That science makes sense to me. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds FT is now a real tomato then, if this movie follows any logic…?#HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror who ever wrote this movie clearly didn’t know tomatoes are fruits

Rhiannamator He’s okay! Don’t cry! RT @JoeBewick: WHY FT, WHY? NOOOOOO! NOOO! #HashtagHorror


sXe_Edd FT is alive! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds FT doll looks remarkably like the real thing #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable I know what I want for Christmas. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie I love you FT. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick If anyone gets me an FT doll I will actually come to your house and hug the shit out of you. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie The car should have flown away like at the end of Grease. #HashtagHorror

ZigglersQueen81 #HashtagHorror wonder if George ever watches this movie now……

stateofthelinds There are the bikini babes #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Isn’t that the old lady from the Titanic Movie? Damn, she ages well#HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable This is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen. #HashtagHorror

MiaaBonita FT was clearly the inspiration for Baby Simba. #CircleofLife #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator Oh man, the naked beach babes DO come back in the last reel! Well, here’s me with tomato on my face. #HashtagHorror

JoeBewick I am in love with FT. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Moral of this movie: *Drools* Tara…*Drools* and adorable hairy tomatoes. #HashtagHorror

Rhiannamator “See you in France!” If you’re wondering, Bear’s cousin IS in Killer Tomatoes Eat France. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie So is Tara what Taz is referencing when he talks about tomatos? #HashtagHorror