This review comes from the soon to be Mrs Hellions, Elise.  This is the only book she read during wedding planning, because it was the only one she felt was worth the time to read.  If you would like to read this great novel yourself, head over to the official Elfhunter site.

Take it away Elise!

Elfhunter by C.S. Marks is an upcoming fantasy novel that is nothing short of delightful. Her novel set in the mythical land of Alterra, with almost Shakespearean characters and relationships, simultaneously magical and universal. Gaelen, the heroine elf of the piece, is pitted against the evil and mysterious Gorgon. Gorgon, like all great villains, is despicable, but at moments worthy of empathy. Among the large cast of characters that make up Gaelen’s “company”, you will find comedic relief, drama, romance and adventure. And for extra fun, you can try to work out what each character’s D and D alignment would be.
Marks has a natural voice that is used to create a unique mythos and history for the kingdom of Alterra, which is crucial to any fantasy piece. The author does not seek to reinvent the wheel within her genre. The story is imaginative, without ever becoming contrived or convoluted. (Sparkling vampires need not apply.) She tantalizes the reader with the mystery of the evil villain and a will they/won’t they love interest. Like all great fantasies, Elfhunter is driven by the developing relationships of its characters, but never at the expense of plot. Best of all, it leaves you wanting more.