This could turn into a series.  Today on Twitter I was asked the following question (screen name hidden due to it being a private account).

What are your thoughts on this?–mma.html …


And so I shall answer this question in the form of a blog entry.

There is video of this incident, so no one can deny it happened.  But how and why did it happen?  CM Punk went into the crowd and stood on steps.  All he has is his boots, his trunks, and the title.  That’s it.  May as well be naked.  So I ask you to stand naked in public, on steps, and have people behind you start to push.  Even fully clothed, its scary to be in an uncomfortable spot and have people pushing.  Concerts, sports, escalators, etc.  We have all been in crowds and had that scary moment.  A moment in which one more shove could send us over the edge and into a fight or flight response.  There is no room to judge someone who acted in a way many of us have, or have come damn close to.

Some may say, but he should be a professional.  Yes, he is the pro.  Even more reason for him to fight back.  Wrestlers have been stabbed, or attacked by other means, by fans.  More than once.  Which means it can, and probably will, happen again.  No, that’s not what did happen.  But that’s only something that can be known in hindsight.  If he didn’t get himself out of that situation then it could have become something much worse.

If someone is to be blamed, then everyone should be blamed.  Security should have been on him from the first moment.  WWE should have alerted security to the plan.  CM Punk and/or Vince McMahon should have called an audible and altered the promo.  Bring him back to the ring.  Get him out of that situation.

It is not worth anyone being fired, suspended or fined.  Everyone messed up a little bit.  Move on, learn from this and protect both the talent and the fans.  Drinks shouldn’t be thrown into the ring.  Wrestlers shouldn’t be touched.  One of our own was almost destroyed by the Sultan way back in the day for slapping his shoulder at ringside.

Please. Don’t touch the wrestlers.